Fractal 2, 2020; Digital Drawing for Lenticular Print; Part 1& 2

Pause in a Flicker Tanya Goel

Pause in a Flicker re-envisions the virtual experience that translates the physical act of looking at lenticulars, within the space of the screen.

Pushpendra Misra

In conversation with the award winning advertisement filmmaker about his debut feature film, Ghoomketu, which is now streaming on Zee5.

Sasha Rainbow: Kamali

In conversation with the director of the BAFTA nominated documentary Kamali, which is now available to view on the short films app, Minute.

Short Take

Short Take

Trilok Gurtu
What music did you listen to growing up?

I grew up listening to Shobha Gurtu, I didn’t know how great she was as a kid coz she was my mum. 

What aspect of making music excites you the most and what gets you most discouraged? 
Hypocrisy discourages for obvious reasons, but it also encourages me to do better music! 

What does music do to you? 
If you or anyone can explain what God is, I can also explain what music does to me. All the Pundits and Ustads have tried and they are still trying to explain.

'We must not be seduced by the contemporary, and try to reorient the present to the modern and the historical, and while doing so test our own imaginations.'

Shanay Jhaveri

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    Dialogue 1

    Amitav Ghosh: Caught in a Daydream

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    Profile 1

    Jagdip Jagpal: Fair Play

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    Dialogue 2

    Inside the Writers' Room: Alankrita Shrivastava

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    Dialogue 2

    Inside the Writers' Room: Varun Grover

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    Design 2

    Saurabh Mahajan: Nimboo

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    Profile 2

    NIkhil Chopra: The Artist and The Act

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    Profile 3

    Prashant Nair: Tryst with Destiny

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    Film 1

    Ronny Sen: Cat Sticks

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    Vikram Kushwah: The Education I Never Had

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    Visual Story

    Let's Art

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    Name Place Animal Thing

    Kalki Koechlin: At Home With

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    Samyukta Nair: Jamavar & Bombay Bustle