Refuge Devi Kashyap

'Refuge' explores emotional dimensions such as escape, freedom, boyhood and identity in the unaccompanied refugee minors from Syria and Afghanistan.

Indigo Social

Indigo Social, a creative workshop that takes place across Vancouver has its roots in India and teaches the art of Indigo dyeing.


Aditi Kapur talks about her self published zine (un)taboo, which serves as a satire on the taboos we are confined in today's day and age.

Interview of the Week

[L to R] Photo of Mohsin Hamid by Jillian Edelstein; Book cover

Exit West Author, Mohsin Hamid

Mohsin Hamid’s latest offering, Exit West, explores the fertility and beauty of migration.

"A photograph that transcends its moment of capture, and the particular use of the picture, becomes a great photograph."

Prashant Panjiar

Short Take

Short Take

Nicholson, Musician

Your first memory of creating music?
I remember playing with midi sequencers and synthesizers in the early 90s, but I arranged my first pieces of music on a software called E-magix Music Maker in ’95, and they were probably terrible. 

One thing you always do before going up on stage?

The weirdest audience reaction you've ever seen?
Our audiences for the most part have been really good to us. Apart from a couple of instances that involved inebriated individuals.

Three words that describe your sound?
Dynamic - Ethereal - Cinematic

Breathe In Breathe Out

Sachin Dharwadker, Filmmaker

Literature Issue 2017

  • pg. 20


    Cover Story

    Paul Beatty talks about his childhood to winning The Man Booker Prize.

  • pg. 68


    The 23 year old, Manjit Thapp, is already an online sensation and how.

  • pg. 44



    Lang Leav opens up about her inspiration for Sad Girls

  • pg. 132


    Larry Fink clicks the unguarded moments and brings it to the world

  • pg. 25


    Listed - Where Do You Belong?

    Four individuals write four different books linked to the past

  • pg. 35

    Forecast - The New Word Order

    The young generation debut some of the best literature of 2017

  • pg. 74



    The 35 year old speaks of his journey in the film industry

  • pg. 84


    Taha Ahmed captured the roots of Lucknow in pictures and in himself.

  • pg. 95

    Life's Realities

    Rahul Jain encapsulates Life's realities in his film, Machines

  • pg. 49

    Rohit Chawla - Eyes Wide Shut

    See what your eyes can't. Feel what you can't.

  • pg. 76


    Amartya Ghosh's new album is all about love, identity and contentment.

  • pg. 98


    Sushant Kadam

    Crop Circle - Fashion Editorial