Tania Khosla

Tania Khosla

In conversation with Tania Khosla from tsk Design about ABC Desi - an alphabet book that finds inspiration in all things quintessentially Indian. 

Sunrise Ceremonies by Princess Pea

Sunrise Ceremonies by Princess Pea

Princes Pea takes us through Sunrise Ceremonies, her ongoing exhibition in Mumbai. 

Jitish Kallat

Jitish Kallat

Here after Here

While his impressive, large-scale works such as Covering Letter [2012] tour the world, most recently appearing at the Philadelphia Museum of Art and Sydney’s Museum of Contemporary Art, Mumbai-based artist, Jitish Kallat, has found himself retreating into the solace of his studio in Bandra and surrendering to the elements, specifically, air, water and fire. His latest [since March 2015], most critically acclaimed bodies of work have been his Wind and Rain studies that derive their poetic currency from the moment of their creation and the immediate circumstances that facilitated their production. 

Read here.


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Take 5 with Ira Trivedi

Take 5 with Ira Trivedi

Peeping into the world of one of the most interesting writers from India. 

Tell us about your new book, Nikhil and Riya.
It's a story of love, life, mathematics and running.  

What do you love writing about?
I write fiction, non-fiction and above it all, I love writing about love. 

Three things people don't know about Ira Trivedi?
I'm not married. I speak fluent French. I struggle waking up in the morning even though I'm a yogi.

One everyday ritual you can't do without?

A piece of advice you would give to a young writer?
Consider very carefully if you want to be a writer. It's a very difficult profession; you need to be very convinced that you want it. Make sure you are financially secure and independent. The dreamy nature of writing is not the reason to write. 

Pick up our latest issue to know Ira better. On stands now! 

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