Nature's Song

Leap of Faith, acrylic on canvas

Nature's Song

In harmony with the beauty, power and ability of nature to refresh the deepest recesses of the soul, Roohi Kapoor presents her solo exhibition entitled ‘Nature’s Song’. Nature is the balm that can calm and evoke emotions and stir feelings, all at once, and this evocative collection reflects this with a quiet, understated elegance. Composed of several threads, the whole emerges as mélange, which is independent and yet inter-connected. Landscapes, women and men and even beings from the animal kingdom comprise elements of this curated collection and the artist’s style imbues the canvas with a fluid, yet soulful rendition.

The artist
Whilst she was hugely drawn towards the arts, Roohi also wanted to read something academic and had always been interested in Social Anthropology since school.  Her keen interest in sociology and subsequent research studies on exploring the dynamics of the sexuality of the Indian woman as portrayed in contemporary Indian media, are deeply reflected in her drawings and paintings. Roohi has also completed number of courses that have taught her experimental and more traditional approaches.  
She woks primarily with oils and acrylics and also dabble in glass, charcoal, painting on prints, use different materials sometimes such as imprinting leaves and twigs (some earlier pieces), towel sponges, back of brushes, rollers, spatulas, toothbrushes, etc. 

The series - Exhilaration
One gets a sense of euphoria and elation, almost like riding a wave of joy and happiness upon witnessing this collection of paintings. The extension of the human body seen as an appendage to roots, floral blossoms, branches, skies, and the earth exudes a sense of being one with Mother Nature.

Artist’s inspiration
‘My forthcoming exhibition comes after a gap of some 3 years, most of which I have spent travelling, doing a few courses, meeting people, learning new painting techniques, observing classical masterpieces along with contemporary artworks all over the world, visiting geographically significant destinations like the South American Amazonian rainforests or the Grand Canyon, or the Northern Lights and getting inspired by nature itself, perhaps the greatest teacher. Thus, in my belief this forthcoming exhibition is a culmination of these varied experiences and emotions that have been captured in a potpourri of artworks, following a minimal pattern of less is more, be it in terms of quantum of paint or painting technique. Am also extremely curious to gauge audience’s reactions…’

The exhibit is on display from 7 - 12 March, 2018 at Bikaner House, New Delhi.

Nature's Song Sublime, acrylic on canvas

Sublime, acrylic on canvas