Panorama Punjab

Panorama Punjab

Aimed at showcasing Punjab’s hybrid history through a blend of international, regional and local art, the innovative event - titled Panorama Punjab - is a holistic package, carrying the stamp of various globally renowned cultural organisations. Panorama Punjab is a new private arts initiative located in the historical crossroads of the region—Punjab. This arts forum will be at the forefront of the world of the arts with an emphasis on creating opportunity for dialogue and a more direct engagement with the works. A special combination of international, regional, and local will reflect the hybrid history of Punjab thus reimagining this hybrid culture for the present day. 

The event, which will bring together internationally reputed cultural representatives, including, artists, museum directors, musicians, historians and curators, is being organised in collaboration with several embassies, and is supported by Punjab government, thus catapulting the state onto the global cultural map. Among the participants are Greece, Canada, Swiss Arts Council, Goethe Instut and Asia Society.

The programme will be marked by panel discussions and presentations that explore Punjab’s culture and history through artifacts, films and architecture, in the framework of “Punjab as Protagonist” and “Hybrid Aesthetics”.

From JJ Valaya to Jill Spalding, a legendary journalist and filmmaker, Sudhir Mishra, presentations and events will explore and potray cultural history directly related to Punjab. 

The event, which is open to all and has no entry fee, will conclude on Saturday evening with a Bossa Nova Jazz concert by a trio from Belgium – the Bossa Brothers.  Sunday evening will conclude with classical music that explores the musical connections from Iran to Afghanistan via Punjab and Kashmir, with noted instrumentalists on the Tombak, Esraj, Santoor, Tabla and Rubab.

Local youth participation from Panjabi University, Patiala, is a special highlight of the programme, while theatre students will perform a specially curated play. Besides, Fine Art students have created a photo series, highlighting Patiala and Punjab as they see it.

About the Founder
Born in Patiala to the Royal family, Founder and Director Sarah Singh is an award-winning artist and filmmaker whose work has been critically acclaimed and presented all over the world. Her most recent film is A Million Rivers - a black and white surrealist work starring Om Puri and Lillete Dubey.

When: March 3-5 2018, Where: Patiala, Punjab

Panorama Punjab Sarah Singh

Sarah Singh