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Designer, Shaila Khubchandani:

Shaila Khubchandani wasn’t too sure about how far her label will go when she first started it in her father’s godown—with one worker and one old sewing machine. ‘The same guy used to cut and stitch both!’ she took us through the inception. ‘I used to source fabrics from the export surplus shops, like buy them in kilos instead of meters. We started pretty small.’

Tiredness has never got the better of Shaila. ‘I applied to NID three times before enrolling myself at J.D institute of Fashion Design in Mumbai. Even when I started my label, the market research—going to retailers, pitching your work was a lot of hard work. I used to roam around with bag full of samples day after day.’ But they’ve come a long way.

Crow is now a team of 15 with a massive work space where every piece goes through a comprehensive process before it reaches the customer. Organic cotton gone luxe, Crow has an urban, easy appeal. The fabrics, Shaila vouches are by far the foremost quality of cotton of India. ‘I explored Indian Handloom fabrics on my own by visiting more and more shops and exhibitions, I realised the quality of these fabrics were much beyond what I was using and gradually I moved onto Ajrakhs, khaadi, organic cotton, dabu prints from Jaipur etc and it really did well for us.’ 

Each fabric used is a matter of utmost importance at Crow. ‘Once I have the fabric in my hand I directly iterate with various patterns and design with my tailors. I transfer the idea into the dress depending on the various factors like who will wear the garment, where will it be worn, when it will be worn among other things.' Their new Summer/Resort 2016 Collection titled Raw Shift comprises anti-fit silhouettes, oversized tops layered over skirts, ploofy capes, all in palate-cleansing whites, blues and greys.  

They are now supplying to many of the lionize stores of India, U.S and Europe namely Ogaan, Amethyst, Atosa, Anonym, Either among others and they also sell exclusively on their online store too. Find them here.

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