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Monica Patel-Cohn

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Monica Patel-Cohn’s kaftans and tunics are chic, elegant and exquisitely comfortable. Handcrafted using homegrown Indian saris, these multi-hued silhouettes fall effortlessly on a woman’s body. Of Indian-Italian origin, Monica is the owner of the label, Two in New York. In the past, she has worked with fashion giants like Prada and Barneys. Monica’s mixed cultural heritage (as well as her geographical coordinates) has moulded her fashion language, allowing her to create pieces, which echo modernity while embracing the traditional Indian fabric.

Fascinated by textiles since her childhood, Monica grew up in California. While her father worked at Silicon Valley, her Italian mother owned a clothing store, which treasured highend runway jewels made by designers like Jean Paul Gaultier and Claude Montana. Perhaps this was where her interest in fashion needled its way into her life. However, her childhood excursions to extended families both in India and Italy equally played an important role. While in Italy, she paid attention to the chic dressing sense of the locals. In Gujarat, it was the sari and the artful employment of colours that left an indelible impression on her. At the age of 12, she made the impetuous albeit bold decision to introduce the unstitched 9-yardlong cloth to the Western world with her own little spin. ‘The idea of repurposing the sari was exciting. It was an idea that clicked at an early age, where I knew that I wanted to do something great with saris,’ Monica says. And that’s how Two was born.

With a gorgeous selection of linens and silks assembled to form one-of-a-kind kaftans, the kaftan is the perfect companion for a fun day at the beach or just lounging at home. Currently working on her Spring/Summer collection, Monica seems to be on a mission: ‘The goal is to make the sari wearable and to work with a shape that feels modern and comfortable.’ 

Text Radhika Iyengar

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