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At the India Couture Week:

Monsoon Diaries by Rahul Mishra brings to life confluence of traditional techniques, and amazing handwork & skills of gifted artisans and embroiderers. The complete handmade collection is interspersed with abundance detailing. The first Asian ever to win the Prestigious Intervational Woomark, Misra has now taken to transcend the modern day bride with elements from oldest hand technique, & artworks inspired by delicate flora of monsoons. As he gears up for his show tonight, Platform connected with him to get a lowdown on his new body of work. 

What played inspiration for your monsoon couture?
The world of Ernst Haeckel materialized into our muse for this seasons couture showcase. The collection is called Monsoon diaries, inspired by the German biologist’s work Kunstformen der Natur [art forms of nature, 1899], Jardin du.

You’ve worked with some really skilled artisans and embroiderers for this collection…didn’t the sensibilities differ? How challenging was it to get the creativity flowing in the same direction?
My universe is an inclusive environment that thrives on a common dream. A dream envisaged by a collective of skilled artisans and design enthusiasts. I see myself as an artistic director who merely steers the aspirations of my team in a setting where the opinion of every soul holds immense importance. We strongly stand by the idea of reverse migration and are striving to empower as many craftsmen as we can to strengthen the very fiber of the villages of this great country.

What is your idea of the modern day bride?
Our clothes reflect the notion of a contemporary bride who is well travelled and modern in her choices but takes pride in celebrating her roots and heritage. The ethos of our wedding couture enlivens the idea of Celebration—a very pivotal aspect of Indian weddings.

What are the fabrics that you have experimented with for this particular collection?
This season we explored the enchanting weaves of maheshwari and delved deep into experimenting with silk and cotton in varying degrees to weave a story of our strong cultural heritage. We created colour tonalities using different kinds of silk, muga silk being one of them, to create a silk fabric that is capable of bearing the weight of heavy intricate embroidery. The usage of organic khadi and handmade silk organza helped us lend an earthy aura to the pieces.
This season marks a very conscious step we have taken towards bridal couture and hence embroidery has played a key role in contributing to the story of monsoon. Metal yarns and zardozi helped add three dimensions to the visuals. Resham yarns dyed in a myriad of vibrant hues painstakingly set on a subdued background add another dimension to the theme of monsoon diaries. 

It’s a completely handmade collection. What inspired you to do that?
We as a design house strongly believe in the significance of the human hand—the beauty that lies in its inaccuracy and the weight of heritage that it carries with itself. Our clothes are made with love and time is a crucial contributor to the essence of couture. We have always strived to generate employment and glorify the insurmountable skill of the artisans of India.

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