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EU Film Festival 2016

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Get ready to be transported to the land beyond the Mediterranean at 24 frames per second, as the European Union Film Festival returns to India. This time, the fest brings forth a feast of 24 award winning films from 24 different European countries to cities such as Delhi, Chandigarh, Mumbai, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Pune, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Coimbatore and Jodhpur for the next three months.

We pick five interesting films from the reel buffet’s Delhi edition.  

Mother, I love you (2013)
(Latvian/80 mins)
Director – Janis Nords
Screening: 3th June, 6:30pm, India Indternational Center, New Delhi
An insignificant reprimand in his school diary begins a week of emotional turmoil for thirteen-year-old Raimonds. Little lies create even bigger ones, and the snowball of trouble grows in size until at last it comes to the attention of the police. This situation nevertheless helps Raimonds and his mother to find common ground and return to a harmonious existence, which has been previously ruined by his mother's business. The film was famously awarded the Grand Prix of the International Jury of the program Generation KPlus at the Berlin Film Festival, Best Feature Film Award at the Los Angeles Film Festival as well as the Best European Film Award at the Zlin Film Festival for Children and Youth, Czech Republic.

JACK (2014)
(German/102 mins)
Director – Edward Berger
Screening: 8th June, 7pm, India Habitat Center, New Delhi
JACK is a film about the development of a boy who has learnt to take responsibility from a young age. At the end of the film, he surprises us with the decision he makes and holds up a mirror to the audience with the courage he shows Jack is ten years old and hasn’t been at the home for long. It’s summer and there is great anticipation for the summer holidays. However, he’s not picked up on the last day of school. His mother, Sanna, a single parent who seems to be permanently overwhelmed with herself, with having to raise two children and with everything in general, calls the boy and consoles him. Jack is left waiting at the school with another boy and with the teachers, until he ends up exchanging blows with the other kid. Terrified, he runs away and goes back home to seek refuge with his mother, but, once again, Sanna isn’t there. Jack picks up his six-year- old brother Manuel from a friend’s house and together, they set out to find their mother. They roam around the city for several days, following her trail. The two brothers gradually manage to go through their mother’s circle of acquaintances, constantly reaping kind words and being given the cold shoulder. The film won the Silver Award for Best film in LOLA 2015 (DeutscherFilmpreis 2015).


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