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Walking Bookfairs: Books-on-Wheels

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Co-Founders and Business partners, Satabadi Misra and Akshaya Rautaray started their journey across India with the aim to complete it within 90 days. But this isn’t just a regular travel story. Basically it was their passion for books and reading that ignited within them the idea of getting people to rendezvous with books. With over 4000 different books, their exciting colourful truck promises to make heads turn as it continues to honk through 20 Indian states with Satabadi at the wheel.

As the owners of an independent bookstore based in Bhubhaneshwar, Satabadi and Akshaya decided to start this Books-On-Wheels initiative, supported by three publishing houses; Harper Collins India, Parragon India and Pan Macmillan India, to reintroduce and remind people about the joys of reading. All they are looking for is a conversation and someone with a love for books. You can buy books off the van with a 20% discount or simply read it while conversing with the two book aficionados. The bibliophilic duo even shared an interaction with renowned author Ruskin Bond in Mussoorie and is now on their way to Uttar Pradesh. 

‘Only school curriculum related textbooks are never enough to help expand imagination and learning. With so many different writers and diverse books, who wouldn’t want to stop and browse through the unusual truck full of books?’ Akshaya said, ‘While the growing market has managed to get televisions, malls, transport and restaurants into every small city of the country, the number of libraries or bookstores is still extremely insignificant. We are urging people to step up the reading game while promoting reading spaces. A major chunk of the population of India has still not seen books, let alone read. Reading and learning, I believe, is something that you take with you to the grave.’ 

They started their literary on December 15, 2015, and are now about a month away from completing it on March 15, 2016.

You can track their journey on Facebook. Click here. 


Text Shriya Pant

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