The Platform Story


2004. Paris. Idea. Thought. Inspiration…The Beginning
2005. India. Art. Fashion. Literature. Music. Design. Film…Platform Magazine
2017. 87 Issues. 3000 Creative Personalities. Digital Platform… Unlimited Artistry
2019. Print. Digital. Retail. Stage...
2020. 15 years. Bookazine.

Years ago in a quaint café in Paris, Platform was conceived as an idea which wouldn’t quite go away and so the initiative took shape in the form of a magazine. Our main focus at Platform is to preserve the past, honor the present and shape the future while simultaneously focusing on what the talent knows rather than whom they know. And 15 years down the line, we find ourselves following that same vision and take pride in the fact that along the way, we have helped build portfolios and contributed to the rise of many creative minds - be it through their first editorial coverage in print or showcasing their first art series or interviewing them for their debut film or novel. Platform literally gives a platform to the deserving so they can stand tall and share their brilliance and sensibility with the rest of the world. It’s our small way of helping them take their first step to greater heights. 

Along with promoting the young and talented we applaud the Masters as well. Our focus is to present fresh profiles, cutting edge imagery and engaging content… In a nut shell we are a creative playground that celebrates all things arts.

Team Platform


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    Features Editor: "We'll be drinking margaritas by the sea, mamacita"


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    Features Writer: "Have a little faith, and if that doesn't work, have a lot of mimosas."


    Digital Copy Editor & Features Writer: Reads. Sees. Eats. Thinks. Creates. Edits. Wanders.