Platform is a bi-annual multi-disciplinary bookazine that promotes, applauds and presents fresh, relevant and visually stunning narratives on literature, art, design, writing, film, music, photography and fashion through various forms, media and real-time engagement. We applaud the masters in diverse creative genres and promote emerging talent alike.
To celebrate 15 years (2020) we had redesigned and reinvented the magazine and changed the format to a  bi-annual bookazine, featuring the most brilliant talent across genres and the world.
All our content is available to readers through digital subscription on app.,, and our online platform, www.platform- also keeps you posted on everything new and relevant in arts and culture with fresh features, news and interviews every day. With an ever-escalating readership across the globe, we curate and feature information and engaging reads for anyone who loves the arts and a creative lifestyle. These Digital Platforms offer additional opportunities for advertisers, including sponsored specials both visual and textual, advertorials, banners and hyper-links that direct readers to your own site, which means you can maximize your exposure.
“What’s Your Story?” by  Platform Magazine is an exclusive, by-invite event that showcases the most progressive creative change-makers from across the country. The spotlight shines on each speaker for seven-ten minutes where they share their journey and present their powerful work, followed by a Q&A with the audience. WYS has seen seven successful editions across prominent creative spaces in Delhi and Mumbai, and the line-up ahead looks more magnified and diversified, opening up sponsorship and advertising opportunities.
Our readers are creatively curious and indulgently inclined towards travel, luxury, culture and leisure. Within the age bracket of 20 to 70, they are sophisticated, well traveled, evolved and equipped with global awareness. They exhibit an appreciation for the finer things in life and are passionate about the arts and culture. Most importantly, our readers buy the magazine to read and enjoy its content rather than to flip through its pages. In order to keep our readers engaged, we believe in innovating consistently. The rule applies not only to the content, but also to the campaigns and native advertisement inserts that align with our language
Appropriate to our eclectic readership, over the last 15 years, Platform has been distributed in India in 30 Cities at premium book stores, newsstands and curated stores by our distribution partner Living Media India Limited (India Today). Along with nation-wide direct mail to corporate houses, art galleries, hotels, fashion institute, advertising agencies, subscribers:   35,000 (printed copies). Distributed by Living Media India Limited (The India Today Group)
Full Page Size:
•Bleed Size: 9.29 inches (Width) X 12.05 inches (Height) (*Please note, 3mm Bleed has already been added on all four sides)
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•Non Bleed Size: 17.87 inches (Width) X 11.58 inches (Height)
•Trim Size: 18.11 inches (Width) X 11.81 inches (Height)
•Live Area Size: (D.S.) (for text) – 17.87 inches (Width) X 11.58 inches (Height)
Material Required: 300 DPI in EPS, TIFF or High Res. PDF Format


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For Collaborations and Advertising, contact: Akkshey Gupta