Art for a Cause

Art for a Cause

Now, more than ever, is a beautiful time to push out art for a cause. A similar exhibit is going on display tonight. A unique collaboration of artists with designers to create distinctly designed that resonates their style of work. all this, to support the100 Good Karma Project. A cutting edge collection of art and form with India’s finest designers and artists collaborating to help raise funds for the project in the foothills of the Himalayas. 
The medium was entirely based on their repertoire of work and the statement they wanted to make. The chairs, if you observe are a mix of digital, mixed media, interactive, sculptural, installative, utilitarian, purposeful, unpurposeful, or even a no chair objet d’art. 

The Curator
Sonali Purewal grew up in a home surrounded by art. So the romance began from a very young age.
'With time, I have built my own collection and have always been drawn to forms which are more experimental. I am a self taught designer who studied literature actually. I have worn many hats…some yellow, some this and that.'
10 Chairs
'The concept of 10 chairs came from a sit down dinner planned for 10 friends that met around an aged, wine stained wooden table to exchange stories. But the table had no chairs!!
The idea of no chairs stemmed questions, who are the 10 friends? What are they like? And what are the stories they want to tell? Each chair is a friend at the table and their story is the statement.'

Art for a Cause Anita Dube X Madhav Raman

Anita Dube X Madhav Raman

The Artists
'The artists and designers for the first edition of 10 chairs were chosen from a vast array of materials, visuals, art, design and form they had to offer. Some were mixed up as yin yang to work perfectly in unison or contrarily be opposites. The process enabled all the collaborations to break norms and come up with a truly bespoke piece.'
100 Good Karma Foundation
‘The 100 Good Karmas Project is based on the principles of karuna, love and freedom. The goal being to help those that are less fortunate. The funds raised from 10 Chairs will go towards the 100 Good Karma’s initiative for making more medical units for animals, to start blood banks in remote parts of Himachal and initiate green waste disposal systems at micro village levels in the foothills of the Himalayas.’

Text Platform Desk

Art for a Cause GR Iranna X Klove

GR Iranna X Klove

Art for a Cause Bose Krishnamachari X Alex Davis

Bose Krishnamachari X Alex Davis