Infinite Reminders by Nature Morte

Ayesha Singh_Evolution–Classical Indian Historical Appropriation, 2022

Infinite Reminders by Nature Morte

Featuring artists
Janine Antoni (New York), Edith Dekyndt (Brussels), Bahar Behbahani (Tehran / New York), Rirkrit Tiravanija (Chiang Mai / New York), Parul Gupta (New Delhi), Vibha Galhotra (New Delhi), Ayesha Singh (New Delhi), Varunika Saraf (Hyderabad), Ziyang Wu (Hangzhou / New York).

Infinite Reminders brings together artistic perspectives globally to ruminate on the idea of horizons as sites of political imagination. The exhibition emerged out of a longstanding interest in horizons, and artists' roles in reimagining them. Operating amid the turbulent ground of our political and ecological realities, the artworks in this exhibition speak of acclimatizing with imbalance, loss of gravity, disorientation, and extinction.   

While Janine Antoni’s Touch advocates for making peace with the disquiet of walking on a rope, Edith Dekyndt’s Slow Object 4 reminds us about the importance of slowness and gravity. Rirkrit Tiravanija’s flag faces the expanse of the sky asking out loud, Do We Dream Under the Same Sky. Bahar Behbahani and Vibha Galhotra consider polluted mother rivers and wounded planets, referring to the gradual extinction of habitable land and water resources. Ayesha Singh and Parul Gupta build on ideas of (re)orientating neurological perception and the histories of architecture. Ziyang Wu and Varunika Saraf critically address the human condition through the mediums of narrative painting and digital animation.

Exhibited across both the Dhanmill and Vasant Vihar galleries of Nature Morte, the exhibition will be spatially interlaced with poetry and a series of public programs. It will be one of the few occasions where the participating artists are not just from different parts of the world, but also across generations and artistic trajectories. In its culmination, the exhibition is a reminder of the perpetual need to reimagine our personal and political futures, and art continues to be one of the central catalysts contributing to that infinite journey.

Date 18-07-2022