Julius Baer Next Generation Art Prize 2023

Julius Baer Next Generation Art Prize 2023

The Exhibition can be viewed on: https://www.meshminds.com/nextgenerationartprize
This digital exhibition offers immersive works of the Prize Winners who have drawn inspiration from real-world challenges of Future Cities, Digital Disruption and Sustainability with future-forward optimism.  The winning entries are from India, Hong Kong and Singapore. Artwork Details and Conceptual Notes of Prize Winners:

‘Pathfinder’ by Viraag Desai is an interactive, digital re-envisioning of historical relief, an alternate look at the history of craft through different materials and time periods. Hand-sculpted using Virtual Reality and voxel tools, it pays homage to past sculptors and muralists while examining the impact of the Anthropocene.

‘Future Retro Future’ by André Wee re-envisions a new retro-future as it draws upon nostalgia and offers a counterbalance to technological overload while promoting sustainability and cultural heritage and enabling alternative visions of the future.

‘Traces of Space Beyond’ by Carla Chan is an ever-evolving visual journey, propelled in real-time by Zurich's weather, population, and flight data. It portrays the interconnectedness of earthly events and human influence, calling for careful observation and balance between progress and sustainability.

‘City in Aether’ by Chan Wan Kyn emphasises pausing to appreciate and reflect on changes in the culture and values of an ever-evolving cityscape. The work is derived from personal and communal data, stimulating contemplation on technology and the role of urban planning in shaping the future.

‘Scars, Skins, and Styles: Metamorphosis in the Metaverse’ by Jamela Law is a community art project where under-represented individuals co-design empowering representations of themselves alongside the artist, using digital fashion technologies to harness the power of Enclothed Cognition as experimental art therapy tools in virtual reality.

‘Algorithm Actually’ by Natalie Wong is a digital artwork that uses an individual’s dating app data to generate a 3D motion dynamic artwork, visualising real-time expressions of human connections in the modern dating world. The work explores the role of language in the self-presentation of identity in order to find emotional reciprocity in the digital age.

Date 07-08-2023