Artist: Arpita Singh Title: The Swans did not come back this year Medium: Oil on canvas Size: 36 x 48 in Year: 2022


Vadehra Art Gallery is pleased to present a solo exhibition by celebrated post-modernist Arpita Singh titled Meeting, featuring a curated body of drawings and canvases. Arpita Singh’s works assume new dimension as cartographical autobiographies, accenting imagined characters and landscapes with the flourish of expressionist emotion. With compositions foregrounded in movement, Singh tends to emphasize the potential of individual agency operating within collective constraints, though her mapping doesn’t seem to prioritize any one aspect – whether the fictional, mythical, personal, public fact or dream. These almost think-scapes capture constructs of space in abstraction, whose protagonists occupy their frames implicitly and navigate time, cultures and history through an assemblage of connection. 

Meeting  Artist: Arpita Singh Title: If you only let me Medium: Oil on canvas Size: 42 x 60 in Year: 2022

Artist: Arpita Singh Title: If you only let me Medium: Oil on canvas Size: 42 x 60 in Year: 2022

While Singh’s symbolic mapping lends itself to a narrative reading, her intentionality is rooted in a stream-of-consciousness that expands and envelopes, possesses and is possessed by its inevitable existence. Often Singh’s everyday digestions of literature, cinema, and current events appear rendered lyrically, even surrealistically, moving from cognition to layers of interpretation that extend through to viewers. The textuality of her compositions are more than gestural inclusions; they represent the linguistics of shared landscapes that resound with fragmentary, diversified, disembodied voices in a congruent symphony that overpowers the coherence of sensorial vision and logic. Instead, by introducing observation points that are topographically flat, Singh personifies questions of beginning and belonging so pivotal to individual and collective journeys. The protagonists themselves emerge as part of the landscape, their internality in a state of flux as outlined by the world, however it is composed, at large. 

Close friend of the artist and author Ella Datta writes in her introductory essay to the exhibition: 

“After a gap of a couple of years, Arpita comes back with a show of paintings and drawings that captures viewers’ attention. In her latest show, Meeting, consisting of oils and black and white works on paper, Arpita creates her usual magic with brush, paint, pen and ink. She presents us with glimpses of other lives in other locales [...] 

Arpita is a ceaseless experimenter with her language, her material, her practice. In her earlier works, she had usually foregrounded the human figure. In this series of paintings, the figure is part of the entire scene where each element – the sky, the greenery, the water, the built spaces – contributes to a pulsating whole. Is the artist’s vision imagining a world that is not purely anthropocentric?” 

Venue: D-40 Defence Colony, New Delhi
On view until 14 March 2023.


Date 28-02-2023