Reveries of Quaintness


Reveries of Quaintness

The quietude of a quaint corner in the street, the hustle and bustle of a crowded cityscape and the internal quest for serenity, this exhibition brings forward the different elements of existence in a metropolis as the artists explore their quotidian experiences in the urban context. The artists in this exhibition include, Apurva Desai, Jignesh Panchal, Dushyant Patel, Vipul Badva, Yash Jani and Chetan Mevada. Chetan Mevada explores facets of modern architecture in the urban-scape with his mixed media works which are meticulously created with the process of cutting, lifting and pasting juxtaposed with elements of religious architecture such as the jaalis (perforated stone/screen with ornamental pattern) to create an effect where multiple realities and planes coexist. The artist comments on the proliferation of modern architecture and the remnants of a quaint past. Furthering Mevada’s exploration with ornamental patterns, Jignesh Panchal’s aesthetic compositions combine elements of European visuals with the Indian Miniature tradition. His work, an ensemble of decorative and abstract- geometrical patterns is a kaleidoscope of reality and fiction, history and present with various materials used in it and different approaches towards the ideas of “Culture”.

Reveries of Quaintness R:  Chetan Mevada; Untitled; Mixed Media on Paper; 17 x 12 inches;2022

L: Dual Mind - II, Mix Media And paper cut, 11 x 15 inches_Apurva Desai

R: Chetan Mevada; Untitled; Mixed Media on Paper; 17 x 12 inches;2022

Vipul Badva looks at working class architecture creating a topography lined up will semi-permanent cabins often existing on the outskirts of the urban metropolis. He draws inspiration from objects and people that surround and fascinate him; instead of creating a grim reality of transient living, Badva takes a playful tone to portray life in fringes of the city. While Vipul moves away to the peripheries, Yash Jani dives right in as he transports us back to the old streets of Ahmedabad, the Pol. He captures the liveliness of the quaint corners of the old city laced with rich heritage, narrow streets, architecture, multiple perspectives of the land, wood carvings, and spirituality that defines life in the Pol. The vibrant gold toned frames of his artworks are reminiscent of a simpler time as one is engulfed in nostalgia. One’s internal state of mind is hugely impacted by their surroundings and lifestyle choices. 

The internal impact of the metropolitan lifestyle is explored by Apurva Desai through a phantasmagorical expression of urban impressions. Rendered in shades of darker colours, with visual imagery composed of jagged lines and doodled figures, Desai captures hopes, aspirations, sorrows and dreams in the internal consciousness as well as objects that surround sustenance in a city. While Desai focuses on the urban lifestyle, Dushyant Patel comments on the impact of industrialization on nature in the long run. His body of work problematizes ecological impact of human waste and production, and the negative impact on nature using satire as his apparatus by inserting objects of commercial culture into natural environments.

Reveries of Quaintness brings to us, a moment of reflection as we pause in the hustle and bustle of the city and ponder over a moment of contemplation.

Date 05-05-2023