Sonali Chaudhari

Sonali Chaudhari

Visual artist Sonali Chaudhari’s work concerns itself deeply with the feminine spirit. Inspired by the likes of Amrita Shergill, G.R. Santosh and Vaikuntham, among many others, she routinely delves into her own experiences to produce her art. ‘Art is an expression. Through my artworks, I express my innermost feelings and emotions,’ she shares.

Get to know more about her and her artistry below: 

The Artist
My maternal grandmother was an artist. During my childhood, while other children were playing with toys, I played with colours. In school, during regular classes, I used to sketch on the sly! Somehow, art was always a part of my life.

The Artistry
Life itself inspires me. All my experiences, my joys, my sorrows, the things I see around me, the times we live in, everything inspires me. Initially, I started by making very detailed human forms. However, over time, I started moving beyond the mere form, beyond the mere physical form that is. Moving from the brush to the palette knife was a very liberating experience. I now use a lot of textures in my work and layers of colour to convey my message. 

Being a woman myself, I am passionate about subject involving women. Furthermore, being an avid traveller, I incorporate elements from my travels in my paintings. Architecture inspires me and so does nature. Doors, pillars, archways, trees and mountains are often used in my paintings.

Sonali Chaudhari

It was inspired by the Covid-19 pandemic, which took a huge toll on not only human lives but everything mankind takes for granted. The days of the lockdown made us realise that maybe we ourselves are the biggest pandemic on this Earth! Human actions have destroyed this planet to a great extent and it still continues. This painting depicts Mother Nature as a woman, who is resting while the pandemic rages. The red colour depicts both human blood and the blood of new life or regeneration. Colours can depict many things, even opposite values, depending on how they are used in an artwork. 

Art and Pandemic
Art is a very powerful medium to both depict the times we live in and to mould the mindset of people. An image speaks a thousand words. It leaves an impression on our subconscious mind. Hence it is a versatile tool which can be used for good and bad. As an artist, I feel it is our responsibility to use it for social awareness and for the overall good of mankind. 

The art scenario moves hand-in-hand with the times. The pandemic has taken a terrible toll on artists. However, artists are resilient people. The creative thought process is such that we think out of the box. Already, galleries have opened and exhibitions have started again. We shall bounce back. We already are.

The Future
I am presently working on a series of paintings depicting both social and metaphysical aspects, combining female figures with architecture that inspires me. And I look forward to my next exhibition! 


Date 23-11-2021


Sonali Chaudhari