Unstructured Pursuit of Perspectives

Space Journey, 2022 (Acrylic colour & mixed media on canvas)

Unstructured Pursuit of Perspectives

TAO Art Gallery in collaboration with HIMS Academy, Germany presents "Unstructured Pursuit of Perspectives" for the 11th edition of Mumbai Gallery Weekend 2023. The show opens as a part of the four-day preview at Mumbai Gallery Weekend 2023 - scheduled from January 12-15, 2023 (11am to 9pm) and will be on display till January 31, 2023 (11am to 7pm) . Curated by Sanjana Shah, Creative Director, Tao Art Gallery, the exhibition will showcase artworks by upcoming contemporary artists Rajesh Wankhade & Smita Kinkale. 
Key Highlights of the show:
A two-man show by artists Rajesh Wankhade & Smita Kinkale, curated by Sanjana Shah 
'Unstructured Pursuit of Perspectives' is an amalgamation of different perspectives, where both artists make an 'un-structuring' happen through their art to create parallels of perspective in the mind of the viewer
The end goal is to show the unified state of all, stripping away the existing rigid narratives around the uses of matter and roles of humanity
The works by both artists are layered by not just materiality but also in thought, challenging notions of time and space, presence and absence
The show opens as a part of the four day preview at the 11th edition of MGW (January 12- 15) and will continue until January 31, 2023
As a part of the opening weekend, the gallery will also be hosting  the Staatskapelle Berlin to perform a set of string quartet. It will be an evening wherein Art meets Music!

Date 05-01-2023

Unstructured Pursuit of Perspectives Smita Kinkale, Neo Nature - XVII, 2016 (Recycled & Treated Polymer)

Smita Kinkale, Neo Nature - XVII, 2016 (Recycled & Treated Polymer)