Five Fabulous Plays to Watch Out for this July

Five Fabulous Plays to Watch Out for this July

If the rain has you feeling particularly melodramatic this monsoon, you'll love our must-watch plays for the month of July! 

Classis Chekhov, The Habit Centre, New Delhi: 7th July, 2024
This dual-natured comedy with a playful twist is sure to make you laugh. Directed by Swati Sodhi,  this production includes two plays; ‘Seduction’ and ‘The Bear’. The former is about a swashbuckling bachelor who seduces other men's wives and the latter is a comical farce about a grieving widow and a landowner. 

The cast includes Rueben Israel, Shraddha Talwar, Shorba Bhattacharya, Nupur Khosla and Aakash Dasgupta.

The Greatest Show on Earth, Prithvi Theatre, Mumbai: 6th & 7th July, 2024
This ambitiously titled play is a political satire of the Indian socio-political system and condemns the ugly core of surging communism and commercialism.  The play has been written and directed by Vikram Kapadia and is being staged at the iconic Prithvi Theatre early next month. This musical satire was staged at the National Centre for Performing Arts, in Mumbai last April, and received great acclaim.

The F Word, The Habit Centre, New Delhi: 20th July
This hilarious family drama directed by Aakarsh Khurana explores the family secrets and charged confrontations of an estranged urban Indian family. The play is a darkly comic commentary on the realities of familial relationships and the pain we cause those we love the most. The cast includes Malaika Chaudhary, Siddhart Kumar and Garima Yajnik.

Hidden Agendas, St Andrews Auditorium, Mumbai : 29th June 2024
This emotionally charged play will surely give you a great hit of entertainment, gossip and steamy drama. The play revolves around a dynamic young group of friends who uncover strange secrets about each other one evening as they leave their smartphones open to each other during a dinner party. 

The play is directed by Karla Singh and stars Dilnaz Irani, Reneè Sen, Varun Narayan, Anu Menon, Sid Makkar, Zervaan Bhanushah, Gaurav Sharma and Tanaaz Irani.

Anthill, Jagriti Theatre, Bangalore -: 27th July, 2024
This musical comedy combines the pressures of the corporate world with the more absurdist undertones of Franz Kafkas's Metamorphosis. To the audience's surprise, a man finds himself shrinking to ant-like proportions, and is delighted at this new development! The play is a poignant exploration of the declining mental health of office employees and the high-pressure nature of our contemporary urban environment. Directed by Swetanshu Bora, the play stars Aswin Varrier, Deevas Gupta, Sumeet Borana and Tanvee Ravi. 

Words Aliya Anand
Date 29.06.2024