Josephine On The Floor

photo by Aarohi Mehra

Josephine On The Floor

Although Josephine on the Floor marks Karshni's first official release, this singer-songwriter has been steadily capturing the attention of audiences and industry alike for the past few years for the depth of her songwriting. Combining vulnerability, play, and wistfulness, her conversational tone extends to her live performances, presenting an unfamiliar yet comforting candour that has warmed hearts and set sights on this young artist from Pune as an artist to watch out for. Having focused early in her career on collaborative tracks, Karshni has worked with many indie artists, including Hedrun and Dropped Out. However, her most noteworthy collaboration thus far was in 2019 with Three Oscillators on the song "Drowning", which has over one million streams on Spotify. 

In the past year alone, Karshni has performed at the NH7 Weekender in Pune 2022, contributed to a track for the renowned Amazon Prime show Modern Love (with Karsh Kale and Neel Adhikari), composed the music for the praised theatre production Detritus, and in April 2022 started a campaign to release one song a month for a year on Bandcamp - her fans warmly receiving the current ten tracks. 2023 marks a new chapter, however. Starting with Josephine on the Floor. Produced by Dhruv Bhola (singer-songwriter, producer, and member of Peter Cat Recording Co., Begum & founder of Run it's the Kid) and Shantanu Pandit (singer-songwriter, producer and founder of Run it's the Kid), the song evokes a sense of innocent freedom. Of joy and whimsy, reminding us of who we are at our core. 

Talking about the song, she adds, "Josephine on the Floor is about revisiting a certain artefact or memory that reminds me of who I am at my very core. At first this was something childlike, a beautiful naïveté I may have lost but now the meanings float around ranging from gender to sexuality and how I experience more complex developments in who I have become without being affected by the world around me."

Date 06-02-2023