Kamakshi Khanna

Kamakshi Khanna

Part of her upcoming sophomore EP, Kamakshi delves deep into her own personal experiences with this project, offering listeners a place for solace.

The multi-talented indie singer-songwriter, Kamakshi Khanna who has established herself as a versatile artist with her soulful voice and emotive songwriting is back with the release of her second single titled ‘I Blew It!’ from her upcoming sophomore EP that is set for release next month. Following the successful roll out of her first single ‘Love Is Not A Fucking Game’, Kamakshi gives listeners a peek into her most-awaited project.

‘I Blew It!’ is a synth-pop anthem for all those people who relate themselves as awkward beings. The song is about the jittery and anxious feeling you get when you’re around your crush, and the pressure and intimidation of putting your best foot forward on a first date. It highlights the struggles of rejection, and unrequited love, capturing the essence of romantic encounters and situationships that begin and end in what ifs. As someone who has battled social anxiety herself, Kamakshi authentically portrays the nervousness and awkwardness of these moments, resonating with anyone who has ever felt the same.

Speaking more on the release of her single, Kamakshi says, “I’ve lost count of the number of social interactions that have left me with shame, regret and embarrassment – an endless loop of thoughts that sound like “why did I just say that or do that? that was so weird and embarrassing, what is wrong with me?”, be it on stage while performing, during a speech, a classroom or more often than most, a date. ‘I Blew It!’ is my ode to awkward people. Although the song has undertones of heartbreak and melancholy, the production by Pranay Parti, myself and my band, Karun Kanampilly on drums, Adil Kurwa on Bass and Sounak Saha on guitars has taken it to a space that makes you want to dance those anxious jitters away. I hope this song can be a reminder that our silly little flaws are worth owning and even celebrating.”

The track is now available for listening across leading streaming platforms. The song has been written, composed as well as co-produced by Kamakshi, and will resonate with listeners across the globe.

About Kamakshi Khanna
Kamakshi Khanna is a singer/songwriter widely recognised as one of the leading female voices in India’s Indie music spectrum. Her music is a blend of pop, RnB/Soul & folk characterised by her soulful voice and emotive songwriting. Her songs are deeply personal, exploring themes of love, heartbreak, self-discovery, and introspection. The sincerity in her lyrics and the emotive delivery of her vocals create an intimate and authentic connection with her listeners. With a background in training in both Hindustani and Western classical, Kamakshi is known for her versatility and ability to transition seamlessly between singing and writing in both languages.

Having established herself as a unique artist with numerous live performances across the country and several collaborations, she released her first Hindi single ‘Qareeb’ in 2020, which received widespread critical acclaim with over 1.8 million views on YouTube and over a million audio streams across platforms. The song also went on to win Rolling Stone India’s ‘Song of The Year’ award in the second edition of ‘The Indies’ in 2020.

Her work spans beyond the Indie music bracket, with her Indie hit song ‘Duur’ released in 2021 with composer and producer OAFF. The song was synced to the soundtrack and trailer of Madhuri Dixit’s show ‘The Fame Game’ on Netflix India and Jugaadistan on Lionsgate. Her other notable OTT stints include ‘Chhan Chhan’ as part of the Zee5 series, Kaun Banega Shikharwati, ‘Tere Jaisa’ in the Netflix series, Kota Factory and ‘Yaadein’ for the Amazon Prime series, Modern Love: Mumbai. Moreover, the artist has launched her own unique IP ‘Green Room Sessions’ on YouTube and Instagram, with over 300K+ organic views across platforms, where she showcases the initial, and stripped-down versions of her unreleased music from her bedroom.

Kamakshi has delivered some noteworthy performances in her career including major festivals such as Lollapalooza India 2024, NH7 Weekender, VH1 Supersonic, The Lil Flea and Mahindra Open Drive, including opening sets for Sunidhi Chauhan at Meta World Music Day 2023 and Lucky Ali at NH7 Mumbai 2022. She has also performed alongside legendary music maestro, AR Rahman, at his concert for Feeding Smiles in 2023. In 2018, she performed a solo US tour across cities like New York, LA and Austin.

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Date 23.05.2024