Karan Dhingra aka House of Tuneman

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Karan Dhingra aka House of Tuneman

House of Tuneman showcases the artistic prowess of Karan Dhingra, a music composer, DJ, and producer hailing from Delhi. His musical journey began in April 2020 with the release of his inaugural track, marking the genesis of his exploration into this world.

Having mostly been self-taught, Karan attributes his prowess to copious amounts of practice. His musical identity thrives on a fusion of genres, seamlessly blending elements of deep house, Afro, and tech house into his productions. His latest composition ‘Saanjh’ embodies the core of House of Tuneman’s musical expression - a convergence of cultures that transcends borders and resonates with music enthusiasts globally. This piece is poised to become a captivating addition to the landscape of Indian electronica, offering a distinctive auditory and visual experience.

The accompanying visuals for the track are masterfully crafted by ArtMantra, portraying the unfolding of a festive day from dawn to dusk. These visuals exude a contemporary, vibrant, and calming aesthetic, perfectly complementing the laid-back, joyful, and playful vibe of the track.

We’re in conversation with Karan to know more about his work.

Tell us about your growing up years. Have you always been interested in music?
Since 1994, my passion for music has been unwavering, when I got my first LA BOUCHE cassette. In those early days, I recorded tunes from A.I.R. 102.6 late-night radio shows. Even at the age of 7, I used to practice Hawaiian guitar and bongos. TIESTO was the first 4x4 electronic act that I ever heard back in 1997. He was a major influence. This musical journey has taken me to approximately 22 countries, shaping not only my eclectic taste but also leaving an imprint on my production style.

Karan Dhingra aka House of Tuneman

How would you describe your musical identity?
I would describe my style of music as world music. It's a fusion of flavours from across the globe, be it African, Latin, Indian, Arabic, Native American, etc. That shows both in my production and DJ sets.

What does house music mean to you?
House music, for me, is the most versatile and flexible kind of music. It's rhythmic, symmetrical, smooth, and it makes sense to my daily life as an audience. It can be anything you like: futuristic, retro, organic, or industrious.  

Why electronic music?
Because it gives me the creative freedom to express my vision symmetrically and smoothly. It's almost impossible to describe why you like something in exact words, but the best way to put it is that house music has always been a major driver for me.

Karan Dhingra aka House of Tuneman

Tell us about your song ‘Saanjh’. What was the inspiration behind this?
My signature style, both in production and performance, involves infusing my sounds with a rich cultural flavour. Typically, my music incorporates a blend of tribal, Indian, Latin, Arabic, or Native American vocals and percussions tailored for high-energy setups.

However, ‘Saanjh' represents a departure from my usual style. I aimed to create a single that transcends age groups and suits any setting. Whether you're driving, cooking, or simply enjoying a cup of tea, this track provides a serene and chill atmosphere reminiscent of cozy fall nights and good vibes.

Unlike my usual high-energy compositions, 'Saanjh' offers a peaceful groove that harmonises with mellow autumn evenings. It invites listeners to connect with the changing seasons, transcending the hustle and bustle for a warm, inviting musical experience. The composition seamlessly blends Indian and Afro elements, featuring instruments like Dilruba, Tabla, Baghpan, Morchang, Bansuri, and Afro percussions like djembe and dobrusha. Drawing inspiration from the taranas of Shastriya sangeet and Qawallis, the vocals in the track contribute to a diverse sonic landscape.

Why did you choose to blend Indian and Afro sounds in ‘Saanjh’?
I chose to blend Indian and Afro sounds in 'Saanjh' because they seamlessly combine to create an organic yet culturally rich sound. My aspiration has always been to create world music, and 'Saanjh' is a part of that endeavour.

What would you like your listeners to take away from the audio and visuals of ‘Saanjh’?
I want my audience to dive into an organic, easy, artful, uplifting zone, all that one needs for great mental well-being.

As an upcoming musician, what lies ahead for you?
I just want to devote more time to my studio, keep expressing myself through my sounds, and keep getting better at it one single at a time. I definitely want to reach out to audiences worldwide.

Words Devyani Verma
Date 22.01.2024