by Hela Wittenberg


 Naari released her debut self-titled album ‘Naari’ on the 30th of September via House of Strength Records. On the back of her debut single ‘Maybe It’s Love’ (released July 15th) and second single ‘Pain is a Faithful Lover’ (released September 15th), Naari released her self-titled debut album. This eclectic album draws from a range of influences from indie singer/songwriter to Indian classical and you can hear them manifest themselves in different tracks, with Naari’s moody vocals being the common link. Fink, who has worked on projects with John Legend, Bonobo and Amy Winehouse to name a few, really brings this album to life with his delicate & understated production. The album is accompanied by two dreamy music videos, for ‘Maybe It’s Love’ shot & directed by Paolo Zambaldi and ‘Pain is a Faithful Lover’ shot & directed by Pia Brar & Rodali Dutta.

"This is my first album, with 8 originals and one cover. I'm still exploring my identity as a writer and vocalist, so you will hear many different styles, some darker and some lighter than others. Some songs are much older, and some younger, really a mix. The songs go from love to ancestry and out through ego, with only my voice as a binding source." - Naari

Neeraja aka NAARI, is a musician and vocalist from New Delhi, India. Her artistry transcends the confines of time, space and genre. Her music is a breath of fresh air, that doesn't shy away from showing raw emotion. She currently lives in Berlin, the cosmopolitan melting pot that she now calls home. It was here that the internationally renowned artist and producer Fin Greenall (aka Fink) heard her early acoustic recordings and immediately fell in love with the sound, the voice and the attitude of this astonishing new voice in music – and immediately agreed to record and produce her debut album in his Berlin studio – enlisting friends from all over the world to make the album a joyful reality. This album is released on the Berlin label House Of Strength – the home and label of the artist  Mentrix – specialising in giving young artists, especially Women Of Colour, a platform to grow their artistic vision in an environment of freedom and artistic diversity.

Date 06-10-2022