Safe Leon Zai

Safe (Unplugged) is a stripped down, intimate piano and vocal only ballad that captures the journey from loneliness and past disappointment to finding a love that transforms fear into security. While the original version of this track is very full, supported by textured background vocals and live strings that give the song a dreamy vibe, this version takes a more stripped down and raw musical approach, making the message even more palpable. 


Born in the U.S. to Indian immigrants and raised in the U.K., Zai—selected by James Fauntleroy and Larrance Dopson (of 1500 or Nothin') to be among the first class at their trailblazing 1500 Sound Academy—”delivers a fresh, moving song that has great pop sensibilities”, says Founder and former CEO of GospoCentric Records, Vicki Mack Lataillade. 

“Leon’s writing is memorable and relatable, and I’m very excited to see his work finally out there for the world to hear”, says Lataillade. 

“While I’ve been writing and singing for years, I’ve held off putting anything out before this because it never truly felt like who I wanted to be as an artist,” adds Zai. “‘Safe” is the first song that feels entirely authentic to who I am, candid and vulnerable, expressing the insecurities of someone who has been burned by love, and yet retains hope that this next new flame might prove to be different.” Zai goes on to say, “That sense of emotional security is something we’re all looking for—I just think it's not something men feel comfortable expressing. My hope is that this song helps people feel that, if even for a moment.” Leon says that much of why he creates music is to help heal and uplift others, and shed light on his experience as a brown, third culture, South Asian creative. 


The music video that accompanied the original version of Safe takes viewers on a journey where Zai travels over land and sea to find his way back home after being kidnapped. In a dissonant counterpoint to the song’s title, Zai visits several unsafe situations until eventually finding his way back. The video is performance heavy, but also gives viewers a storyline, one which metaphorically displays the ways in which love can be a tumultuous yet rewarding journey. 

The original version of Safe has performed well on Spotify garnering nearly 100k streams. Safe has been played on BBC Radio: BBC Asian Network, where Leon was featured and interviewed. 

As a songwriter Leon is versatile having written pop, R&B, faith based, k-pop, and electronic dance music. Notably a song he co-wrote with Wu.Am.I, “I Love When It Rains in LA” has accrued +2 million streams on Spotify. Leon also co-wrote “TYE DYE” which was released by K-Pop artist JinE in 2023. A full playlist of his collaborations can be found here.

Words Platform Desk
Date 04.07.2024