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Mumbai-based singer-songwriter, Pruthvi Dhawale grew up in the bustling city of Bombay. A city that opened win- dows to many different cultures. Her fondest growing-up memories are jamming sessions with her brother after school — ‘our playlist was as diverse as Bombay itself’. From Akon to Green Day to Tracy Chapman, they jammed to it all. 

Music entered her life and ears through her brother’s CD collection that played on their player every day. ‘But the first time I ever even remotely considered music as a career was when I watched Taylor Swift’s You Belong With Me music video, it being the first video I’d ever watched on YouTube, I remember thinking to myself “I wanna do this”

First appearing on Indian indie radars over Instagram live streams during the pandemic lockdowns, Pruthvi was among those soothing voices who were slowly taking over feeds, armed with a uke, covers and a gilded voice. Following a few collaborative projects, Pruthvi released her first single, send this to your crush, a year ago. The song was crafted with raw emotions, vulnerability and intimacy. Her music has a very pleasing sonic aes- thetic that makes you feel comforted and actually comes from her bedroom studio. It’s just Pruthvi, her guitar, and a notebook filled with scribbles that eventually turn into songs.

She is now ready with her new track, twentytwo. As the name suggests, the song talks about growing up, making choices in early adulthood and the whirlwind of emotions that come with it. ‘Brace yourself for a whirlwind of tattoo regrets, questionable hair dyes, and realizing that ‘forever’ is often a punchline,’ says Pruthvi of the apprehension of the twenties. ‘Understanding that adulting is no walk in the park, it’s full of unexpected twists and turns. It’s chasing big dreams with a side of patience,’ she adds.

The recording process for the track came to life with Mumbai-based artist sudan on production duties who added an indie-rock touch to Pruthvi’s elegant vocals that sit cushioned on a consistent groove. Visual artist Pranav Marde perfectly captures the essence of the song through his imagery too. More from her below.


The EP songs about you (not for you) began during the lockdown. I had just picked up the guitar and I guess I had a lot of thoughts on my mind so I just started penning them down, never imagining that anyone beyond the four walls of my bedroom would ever hear them. It was a deeply personal project that blossomed into something much bigger than I ever anticipated.

Sometimes, a thought sparks the writing process, while other times, a melody starts it all. Either way, my songs are personal, reflecting the emotions and experiences I’ve gone through. As for my inspirations, the real-life moments that stick with me.

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Words Hansika Lohani
Date 05.06.2024