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The Full Book Lovers Kit.



Made with love for the design loving global nomad.
This is for the bibliophiles!
The Origin One Book Lovers Journal, a comprehensive cataloging system designed to archive and organize your personal library.

Review, Rate, Recall what you read, how you acquired it, from where or whom...It has a pocket to store your favorite bookmarks and travel-friendly journal cards for when you don't want to carry the entire journal.
1. Boxed Clip Binder Folder 9.5" x 11"
2. Foil Stamped Envelope for kit supplies
3. Index Sheets x 2 (96 entries)
4. Journal Sheets x 48 (96 entries)
5. Travel-Friendly Journal Cards x 6
6. Section Dividers x 12
7. Alphabet Stickers x 1 Sheet
8. Book Category Stickers x 1 Sheet
9. Bookmarks x 2Made with love for the design loving global nomad.

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