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Bi - Annual


Editors note

Putting the Bookazine together is exciting, keeps us incredibly engaged and focussed. The talents we explore,
be it the young and emerging or the established and iconic, researching their lives and crafts leaves us inspired
each time. The young excelling and creating new stories through various mediums are motivating to observe
and the already established reinventing themselves are carving paths for themselves that many can only be lucky
enough to emulate.
The continually raging pandemic demands to be noticed and while I don’t want to make it the talking point of
this editorial, I applaud all those who have used this time to create stories and spread hope Mickey Boardman,
of Paper Magazine, at the age of fifty-five, decided to extend his intel in fashion and create a clothing line.
Mr. Mickey - Put a Little Sparkle Into Your Life, his debut collection, has pieces that borrow from his own reality.
It is feel good, glamorous and accessible clothing for all sizes, shapes and genders. Artist Atul Dodiya spent three
hundred days, during the pandemic, making an artwork each day. These entail sketches using paper, pencil and
watercolours, akin to diary entries. The whole process was therapeutic and helped him cope with the daily,
overwhelming news. India Art Fair Director Jaya Asokan lets us in on what it takes to organise an art fair amidst
a pandemic. The restrictions and unpredictability have aided in looking inwards, resulting in inclusion of many
new region- al galleries and emerging artists from the smaller, less explored cities. Author Kunal Basu shares
his creative process and talks about his highly antici- pated new novel, In an Ideal World. Performance artist
Indu Antony unfolds all the stories that exist in her exceptionally evocative oeuvre. Author Rana Dasgupta
lets us in on his thoughts and enlightens us with his interests and choices. Artist Princess Pea reiterates the
importance and strength of a family. Master chef Atul Kochhar shares the ingredients that have shaped his
artistry, in and outside the kitchen.
Our issue presents a gamut of interesting, myriad talents and stories. Hope you enjoy the read.

Wishing you a fantastic 2022. Stay Strong. Stay Safe.

Shruti Kapur Malhotra,

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