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Editor’s Note
I am extremely excited to present the all-new Plat- form. A new design, a larger format and a bi-annual bookazine now, Platform will intrigue you with more stories, give you more reason to applaud the talent we feature, continue to be a visual treat and feed your artistic side.
Our first issue is an amalgamation of bril- liance that is spread across our pages. For our Cover Story we collaborated with artist Nityan Unnikrish- nan to create The Booker of Bookers, Salman Rush- die. Literary agent Mita Kapur gave us an overview on his most recent, booker shortlisted, Quichotte. Platform met one of the most grounded and import- ant writers of our time, Amitav Ghosh. The conver- sation flowed from his early years to climate change to daydreaming. With Over The Top media services taking over the way we view films and television, and with the many series on digital media consuming most of our free time—writers are on the hot seat. I interacted with four writers whose craft has created some of the most acclaimed shows on television to- day. Through various interviews I got to know what really goes on in the writers’ room.
Artist Nikhil Chopra shared the inspiration behind his nine-day act at the The Metropolitan Mu- suem of Art that created history. Jagdip Jagpal let us in on her very bold, uncompromising and clear vision for the India Art fair. Our visual narrative in collaboration with Gucci captured the other side of an eclectic mix of very exciting and noteworthy in- dividuals.
One of the most thought-provoking and un- assuming writers/artists of our generation, Freddy Birdy gave an insight into his very articulate and witty mind for this issue. Versatile, artsy and ex- tremely interesting, Kalki Koechlin invited us to her home and took us through various objects that de- fine her. Writer Aatish Taseer captured a moment from flying away in Amorgos 9:15am. And of course we have all the debutants giving us a sneak peek into their various films, books, art, music and design.
All in all we have put together an inspiring read with engaging visuals. Hope you enjoy your new Creative Playground!

Shruti Kapur Malhotra, Editor-in-Chief


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