A Mind Within a Space

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A Mind Within a Space

Since childhood, artist Mona Sharma has possessed a relentless curiosity about the environment, 'I've always viewed the world through a unique lens and constantly pondering questions about the spaces around me and my own identity,' she says. From an early age, Mona found joy in the act of drawing, and using colors to convey her deep thoughts and emotions. Art became her medium of expression. A constant source of passion. 
Mona is originally from Mandsaur but is currently in Indore pursuing a Master's Degree in Fine Arts at the Government Institute of Fine Arts. 

For her debut solo show, Mona picked on inspirations that have always stayed with her: spaces, identity, home and family. She delves into finding a connection between them. A Mind within a Space offers a glimpse into the enduring relationship between individuals and their intimate environments.

What inspired you to become a multidisciplinary artist and how do you balance different mediums and techniques in your practice?
I've always been drawn to subjects that are deeply connected to my personal life and the world around me. I find that using various mediums is essential to convey what I feel. The tactile sensation, texture, and colors hold great significance in my creative process. I firmly believe that colors possess the transformative power to convey emotions, and I aspire to make the viewer experience the emotions I intend to evoke.

In my artworks, I've experimented with unconventional materials like sand, cloth, gauze, and more. These materials serve to recreate the essence of the objects or experiences I want the viewers to connect with. My primary mediums are watercolors and acrylics, and I relish working with vibrant and expressive color palettes. I find that colors have the potential to communicate more than we might initially realize, and I'm committed to harnessing this potential to convey the essence of the spaces I explore in my art.

A Mind Within a Space On the toes (left) | Have patience (right)

On the toes (left) | Have patience (right)

How do you define home and what role does it play in your personal and artistic identity?
The concept of "home" is something I'm still discovering. When we think of our memories, they often take place in a specific space, typically at home. We envision how that space used to be, and iwe associate our memories with it. I spent most of my childhood in one particular home, but as we moved to different houses within the city, and even changed cities, finding that sense of "home" became more challenging.

The challenge is in realizing that the place you once called home is no longer yours, as you've moved on to new spaces. You must establish a new sense of home in each new place, which can be a complex process. This search for home has led me to question: What defines a home? Is it the physical space with its walls, furniture, and the people who inhabit it? Is it the collection of experiences and memories that reside within those walls?

Personally, I believe it's essential to have a connection to a space that we can call our own. Every aspect of our lives is intertwined with a particular space, where we spend most of our time and share it with the people we care about. In my artistic journey, I explore myself, my thoughts, and my experiences. Through my paintings, I merge the memories of my past homes with my current ones, creating my own space on the canvas. This process allows me to share and preserve these memories and is a truly enriching experience.

How do you approach the process of creating a mind within a space? What are some of the challenges and rewards of this process?
A Mind Within a Space has been an incredibly intriguing and exciting journey. However, it came with its set of challenges. The process of creating this show was both thrilling and demanding. I was inspired to present my works collectively, as they are a reflection of all the memories I've gathered throughout my life, stored within one visual narrative.

My primary goal for this exhibition was to invite viewers to experience the world through my perspective, to step into the space I inhabit, and to witness the world as I do. I wanted to convey my experiences, my connection to my surroundings, and how I perceive everything that surrounds me. Ultimately, I aimed to make the viewers feel like they were entering a home, a place where they could connect and relate to the emotions and memories I've expressed in my artwork.

How do you relate to the quote by Albert Einstein that “The Revolution introduced me to art, and in turn art introduced me to the Revolution!”? Do you see your art as a form of revolution or resistance?
Through my creative works, my primary aim is to provoke contemplation regarding subjects frequently left unspoken. I am driven to explore the often-overlooked yet profoundly significant aspects of life that are both commonplace and intimately connected to our existence. In this pursuit, I perceive my art as a form of resistance. I find immense satisfaction in questioning the seemingly ordinary aspects of life, which, despite their simplicity, resonate deeply with people and hold great significance in our daily existence.

How do you collaborate and experiment with other artists and communities through Method? What are some of the benefits and outcomes of this approach?
Hailing from Indore and venturing into the bustling metropolis of Mumbai to embark on my artistic journey has been an enriching experience. My time in this vibrant city, working with the Method, has proven to be an amazing period in my life. The interactions and connections I've made here have been nothing short of remarkable, as I've had the privilege of engaging with a diverse array of individuals from different walks of life.

These interactions have not only broadened my horizons but have also provided me with a deeper insight into my own self. Conversations with fellow artists and creators have acted as mirrors, reflecting facets of my own creative process that I may not have discovered otherwise. Through these encounters, I've come to appreciate the inherent value of dialogue and exchange in the artistic realm, as each conversation has been a stepping stone towards a more profound understanding of my craft.

What are some of the current or upcoming projects that you are working on or excited about?
I’m really excited to work more and create more artworks. I want to work on “I want to go home” series more and want to explore the connection of my previous space with the current one coming up and it’s a very beautiful subject to embark upon.

Words Hansika Lohani
Date 02.11.2023