Delhi Art Week

Waiting for Rebirth-II by Atanu Pramanik at Art Konsult

Delhi Art Week

Delhi has a vibrant art culture with curated art shows, multiple galleries, fairs that show the best of Indian art. But what Delhi Art Week tries to give is exposure and convenient access to fantastic work of the modern and contemporary art. It is back with its third edition ongoing till December 10th, 2023 with 4 Art Zones, more than 20 galleries and more than 4 institutions. We speak to Tariq Allana, Associate Director, Art Heritage, Sunaina Anand, Director, Art Alive Gallery and Reena Lath to to learn about their vision and experience. Read on for the full story...

What is your vision for this edition of Delhi Art Week?
Delhi Art Week brings together the arts community (galleries, institutions and foundations) in Delhi over the course of a week each year to raise awareness about the incredible efforts towards the visual arts in the capital city. In this edition, our talk and film series provides an opportunity for anyone to engage directly with, and learn about the visual arts field generally and understand relevant topics and issues within the community.

What has been you curatorial process? How do you balance the diversity of the exhibitions and events across different mediums and themes?
Unlike a fair or a festival, Delhi Art Week is an initiative, not a specific event as such. Significant and important work to promote the visual arts is being done all over the city, and each gallery or institution curates their own exhibition or presentation. Thus, as such, Delhi Art Week does curate the week. However, if there is one theme of Delhi Art Weeks over the years, it is the coming together of a community to raise awareness about the visual arts happenings in the city.

What do you want the audience to take away from this edition?
The vibrancy of the arts ecosystem in the capital city.  In addition to more than 30 galleries, Delhi houses national and private museums, foundations and organizations from all over the world that promote the cause of the visual arts. The arts ecosystem is multidimensional with several contributors – If through our efforts audiences begin to get a sense of the community and what role they play – educational, commercial, cross cultural – it will be extremely rewarding.

Another important aspect for audiences to understand is that Delhi, though spread out, provides distinct ‘zones’ where the arts can be experiences. By navigating to our website, audiences can get a sense of the 4 art zones, and easily access the visual arts year round.

Tell us about the talks/exhibits that you are most looking forward to at the Art Week?
All over the city you will find exhibitions that cover multiple mediums – paintings, sculpture, photography, ceramics. The richness of artistic practices are highlighted. The talk series provides a sense of the topics of discussion currently ongoing in the art world.  The panel sessions, done in collaboration with IAF and NGMA bring together seasoned voices in to the discussion, who provide not only information, but also appropriate context. Our hope is that the interest of audience members is sparked, and a whole new generation of art lovers and patrons emerges for these types of events. Delhi Art Week is thus not only a collaboration between the arts community, but also a partnership with the residents and visitors to the city.

Words Hansika Lohani
Date 04.12.2023