TAP 6x
Revati Sharma Singh - Into that heaven of freedom, my Father, let my country awake - glazed black

clay, 18 carat embossed gold grains, copper, teak wood - 12 x 17 inches - 2021

TAP 6x

In a world grappling with many different emotions right now, TAP INDIA continues with its endeavours to support art and artists, encourage synergies among galleries, explore new markets and open doors to conversations around modern and contemporary art. Beginning March 2021, Tap India has added two exciting new concepts, the TAP Studio and TAP Tutorial on IGTV. This month’s episodes are presented by Emami Art.   #TAP Studio presents a studio visit with Jogen Chowdhury, mixed media artist, illustrator and lithographer, as he walks us through his studio-residence in Kolkata. The artist creates evocative line drawings with ink on paper, explores the soft curves and angularities of contorted bodies using a combination of ink and pastels, and constructs volume by modulating light and shade, and through cross-hatching, develops an illusion of middle tonalities. #Tap Tutorial features “Attending to Art”: Tips on Restoration and Conservation of art collections with well-known art conservationist Anupam Sah.

Apparao Galleries - Creation and Concepts: Two Solos
Artists : Sanjeeva Rao Guthi and Saraswati

Art at Threshold - Figurations at Twilight
Artists : Dilip Ranade

Art Motif - Of Begonias &; Hollyhocks : The Art Botanical
Artist : Suddhasattwa Basu

Emami Art - Gestures
Artist : Partha Pratim

Gallery Espace - Textures of Memory
Artists : Harendra Kushwaha & Khokan Giri

Latitude 28 - Earthen Transmutations
Artists : Khanjan Dalal, Saraswati, Shalini Dam, Shweta Mansingka

Wonderwall - The Thin Line
Artist : Morvarid K

TAP 6x The Thin Line 6, Wonderwall

The Thin Line 6, Wonderwall

TAP EVENTS for March 2021
Since its inception Tap India has introduced curated talks and campaigns, establishing itself as a platform for sharing education and information, made available freely via various digital mediums. Its interactive properties such as #TAPTALKS and #TAPLIVE, features a stellar line-up of renowned Indian and International personalities from the Art World who will come together to share new ideas, trends, tips, unravel interesting concepts and engage in conversation on Art for existing buyers as well as budding art collectors. In a very short span of time, TAP India has built a strong following globally. With a stellar lineup of shows and curated events in the pipeline, Tap India is all set to showcase the energy of the Artworld of India by capturing the changing thoughts and trends and highlighting high quality artworks.

Indian Textiles In the Contemporary: Practise &; Patronage - Lekha Poddar &; Renuka Reddy in conversation with Mayank Mansingh Kaul.
Textiles are one of the most prominent aspects of Indian artistic expression. How have they been viewed from the perspective of the contemporary art ecology? 

● #TAPTALK: Wednesday, 31 st March 2021
Building New Foundations - Smita Prabhakar and Sabih Ahmed in conversation with Jagdip Jagpal.
TAP India is pleased to present Smita Prabhakar, Founder and Chairperson of the Ishara Art Foundation, &; Sabih Ahmed, Associate Director and Curator of Ishara, in conversation with Jagdip Jagpal, Director of the India Art Fair, about the importance of art foundations as an interface between art, publics and institutions in the global context.

TAP 6x Landing page -Harendra Kunshwaha (Custom)

Landing page -Harendra Kunshwaha (Custom)

AKAR PRAKAR: Whirl of Time
Artist: Marzia Farhana

ANANT ART: Nature Unbound
Artists: Samir Mohanty; Laxmipriya Panigrahi and Suchender P

ANUPA MEHTA ARTS: Extended Realities 
Artist: Rm. Palaniappan

ART HERITAGE: Testimony of Tolerance
Artists: Rajesh Deb

EXHIBIT 320: Nature's Documentaries
Artists: Rahul Kumar and Sumakshi Singh

GALLERY WHITE: Mera Bhesh Mahan
Artist: Ajay Lakhera

M&MwtAG: Decorative India
Artist: A collection of folk and tribal art


Date 19-03-2021