The Universe is Listening
Light Beings

The Universe is Listening

Method Bandra presents The Universe is Listening, a solo show by visual artist Tia Shah. Starting from 25th February, 2022 until 11th March, 2023.

People fall into three categories: those who believe in the power of the universe, those who don’t and those who aren’t quite sure. Tia Shah is the first kind of person. Through her practice of ink and watercolor bleeds, she leaves much of her creation to a force stronger than herself. The universe guides the flow of paint, sometimes forming large pools of colors fading out into the distance, contributing to a subtle vastness of the work. Other times, the colors stay close to their origin point, rooted but prominent. The varied saturation and expanse are the reaction of effort and serendipity.

After surrendering control of the process, she acknowledges that her participation in the end result matters by adding the final adornments in pen or more precise brush strokes. This dialogue between the artist and her materials replicates that of the individual and the divine. The contribution is in seeking and the universe responds as it listens.

Artist’s Note
The universe is listening.

I am a believer. I believe in good. I believe in God. I believe in angels. I believe in hope. I believe there is more to life than what the eye can see. 

I believe in Mother Earth, in the healing power of light, in the magic of sunsets, in the mystery of time. I believe mornings have a special energy to them and that sometimes, a cup of tea can be the answer. 

I believe that the rhyme or reason doesn’t matter–what matters is the reaction. 

But most of all I believe in grace. I believe in a higher power, there to help whenever we need it the most. I believe that the universe has certain laws and if followed, our lives could be miraculous all the time. 

The universe is listening. What do you want to tell it? How do you want to live your life? 

This collection is an ode to dreamers, for those who never stop believing.

Artist Bio 
Tia Shah is a visual artist based out of Mumbai. Previously working in fashion, design, and event management, art & aesthetics have always been central to Tia Shah’s work. She uses art as a mode of self-discovery and intimate expression. She is constantly experimenting with fluidity and abstract composition. While she allows the paint to move in an intuitive manner, she often details works with intentional, defined strokes. Each brush or pen stroke is a meditative practice moved by the ebb and flow of natural existence and humanity. Her art has been centrally featured in event design & hangs in a number of homes in Mumbai. This is her first solo show.

Date 24-12-2023

The Universe is Listening

L-R: Ordinary Blessings; Artist Tia Shah