Palate Cleanser by Graine

Palate Cleanser by Graine

The girls behind Graine, have always believed in creating timeless pieces rather than strictly following fashion norms and seasonal trends. Their focus has always been on designing clothes that resonate with their core values of purpose and responsibility ensuring each garment has a lasting impact. Traditonal techniques are married with modern aesthetics to create a last impact. Take their new collection for instance, translucent organza jackets with gota blouses and elongated denim pants with minimal colours for the season. They call it the Palate Cleanser. More from them below.  

The Evolution of the Brand
The strength that lies with Graine is that the brand has stuck to its design philosophy, the signature that was developed and envisioned in its inception stage on the drawing board.

Keeping these as the focal point, the brand composition and evolution in terms of design and purpose are moving at a coherent speed. In terms of sales and the relevance of the product, globally and domestically, the designs are now reaching out to a wider audience keeping in mind the diversity of consumers and their needs and preferences.

Their growth is reflected in the numerous accolades they have received, including the Gen Next Designers award at Lakme Fashion Week 2020, the Sustainable Design Award at Helsinki Fashion Week 2019, the GRAZIA Young Fashion Award 2021, and recognition as Vogue Italia Talents and Elle Graduates 2021. These honors have validated our direction and inspired us to continue innovating.

Their designs have matured to better reflect the lifestyle of the "consciously eclectic" Graine woman, seamlessly blending tradition and modernity. Through ongoing research and innovation, we've crafted a distinctive identity that aligns with our core values and vision, allowing us to grow and adapt in the ever-evolving fashion landscape.

Palate Cleanser by Graine

New Collection, Palate Cleanser
The starting point for this collection, Palate Cleanser, was the concept of a sensory reset. They were inspired by the idea of a palate cleanser to better appreciate new flavors. They aimed to multiply the elements of simplicity and clarity through minimalistic designs, emphasising the ripple effects of subtle details.

Their inspiration led to a unique blend of techniques such as stippling and distressed finishes, which add depth and character to the pieces. The collection features formless silhouettes that flow organically, creating a firal flow that embodies the essence of movement and freedom.

Each garment in this collection is a portrait of thoughtful design, where repetition and emphasis on intricate details create a harmonious balance, allowing the Graine woman to express her consciously eclectic style with effortless grace.

Palate Cleanser by Graine

Colours and the Mood
Their latest collection, Palate Cleanser, draws inspiration from the idea of a sensory reset, much like how a palate cleanser prepares you to fully experience new flavors. This concept embodies the desire for stillness and clarity amid complexity.

They explored this theme through a series of artworks meticulously crafted in our studio, featuring threadwork, metal wire embroideries, innovative patterns, surface developments, and distressed construction techniques bringing a fresh perspective for the summer season.

The collection’s colour palette is a sensory delight, with dominant tones including sorbet lime, rice white, denim dashed hues, cloud blue, stained silver, and oxidized gold. Transparent whites are thoughtfully integrated to evoke a sense of stillness, anchoring the vibrant compositions.

Palate Cleanser by Graine

Creative Process
Their creative process at Graine is a harmonious blend of mind and heart. It often begins with after-hours conversations or fun encounters in everyday life where we as sisters bring our contrasting worlds together to create for the "consciously eclectic" woman.

From the beginning, Graine has honored purpose and responsibility in design and dressmaking. For them, the focus has always been on contemporising revered techniques and narrating them through modern silhouettes, forming a unique Graine lexicon.

Graine embodies the intangible spirit that gives each of us form and character. If they move against it, they encounter splinters but moving with it makes them sensitive to the direction of life. At their studio, we aim to craft the ordinary using distinct elements derived from detailed research and forethought creating an identity unique to Graine.

Words Platform Desk
Date 10.07.2024