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For Novel’s founder and graphic designer, Ananya Khaitan, enjoyment of work is top priority. His visual design practice that undertakes a plethora of projects involving book design, brand identity design, web design and visual communication consultation, is built on the foundation of working with dedicated and passionate individuals and taking up projects that pique their curiosity. In the same breath explaining what his practice stands for, Ananya also adds, “There’s certainly some other criteria, such as ‘no working with evil corporations’ and ‘avoid assholes’, but those come second to fun.”

His journey to set up his own practice follows a linear trajectory. He grew up loving the arts as a child and possessed the talent to draw as soon as he was capable of holding a pencil. He went onto train himself in digital drawing once computers made an entry in his life and eventually pursued a degree in design not knowing much about the field but found it to be exactly where he belonged. “Where I deviate from the usual trajectory is that I was sceptical about entering the field, in spite of it being a natural fit for my talents. I (foolishly) thought that it wouldn’t be cerebral enough for me and it took pushing from friends and family to take the leap. And how glad I am that they pushed.”

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Words Unnati Saini
Date 28-01-2023

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