Arun Prabhu


The thought of setting up BILLBOARDS, a cross-disciplinary creative design agency, came to the founder Arun Prabhu NG when he and his team noticed the lack of connection between common folk and design. Picking up mainly from the nuance found in life and nature, the firm is centred around the verticals of architecture, art and communication design where their work expands over multiple cross domains related to architecture that has a futuristic scope. The collective constantly strives to update themselves owing to the needs of the general public. They wish to establish themselves as a melting pot for refreshing innovations and designs that transform and touch everyday lives. “The firm is presently focusing on design areas that deal with ingenious and allied designs and limitations of space as well as intriguing space utilisation of large plots.”

When talking about one of his big- gest breakthroughs, personally and for the firm, Arun takes me to his research work and awareness program for the public about small-scale architecture and the possibility of utilising space in a tiny area. “I designed a portable/detachable housing unit in just a 6 ft x 6ft space in the back of an auto-rickshaw, to demonstrate the power of small spaces. This unit has all the necessary spaces that a residence should have such as the living area, kitchen, sleeping area, working space, toilet and bathtub and also lounge space with a shade on the terrace. After this project reached a wider audience throughout India, we received multiple leads from the common public who didn’t have prior knowledge about architecture or design and we got an opportunity to give consultation to people pan India to transform their lives for the better.

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Words Unnati Saini
Date 25-02-2023

Arun Prabhu