Ashiesh Shah x Jaipur Rugs


Ashiesh Shah x Jaipur Rugs

Architect, interior and product designer, Ashiesh Shah’s latest collection was created in collaboration with Jaipur Rugs, the Indian brand acclaimed across the world for its intricately hand-crafted rugs by artisans in Rajasthan. Together, they've explored interesting techniques by incorporating processes such as hand embroidery, to highlight details ad thereby push boundaries. ‘It has been a process of meditation and reflection, infusing our collective visions and design ideologies through this collection — a celebration of fine craftsmanship, collaboration and conversation,’ Ashiesh tells us. 

Ashiesh has drawn from the power of the vast unknown that resides in the cosmic energies to give us rugs dipped in hues of indigo. The staunch geometric patterns on the rugs that will give you hints of astral patterns found in the sky. We got in touch with Ashiesh to know more. 

What was the starting point for your collaboration with Jaipur Rugs?
A series of watercolor paintings developed through the lockdown laid the foundation, serving as a point of departure for the Brahmaand collection in collaboration with Jaipur Rugs.

Ashiesh Shah x Jaipur Rugs

Manthan Beige

You’ve always focused on reviving local techniques and inspiring artisans to pick up their tools again. Can you elaborate a little on that?The rugs exemplify craftsmanship at its best. They are a result of an elaborate and meticulous series of processes, skilfully crafted to perfection by the artisans from Rajasthan. From its picking, hand-carding and spinning of wool into fine yarn, to a series of extensive finishing processes, they embody this transient craft of weaving through its unparalleled artisanship. Precise ‘gultarashi’ molds the rug pile like troughs and crests of space-time, while timeless motifs and constellations crafted with intricate weaving and ‘zardosi’ embroidery illustrate discourses of being and non-being, illusion and reality; while beckoning to a world far out of our reach.

We look up at the sky for hope, in awe, or just to channelise different energies. Did the same magic serve as inspiration being Brahmmand?
Absolutely, these effortless contemporary rugs draw forth the essence of the cosmos, serving as a physical manifestation of elements from the universe. We endeavoured to capture the mysteries of starlit night skies through its soft silhouettes, seeking inspiration from ancient Indian science and mysticism. The forms of the rugs are rather organic and draw inspiration from the ancient geometry of India, the cosmos and the architecture of the ‘Jantar Mantar'.

Ashiesh Shah x Jaipur Rugs


Do you believe in the power of cosmic energy?
Yes, the cosmos has always been an integral part of my philosophy as a designer. Our identity strongly resonates with the ‘golden womb’, poetically translated as the universal germ, the source of creation of the cosmos. I am a staunch believer of Lord Shiva, deemed as the supreme deity of destruction and regeneration of the universe.

Can you talk a little about the colour palette?
An overarching color palette in hues of Indigo that paint the sky and earthy tones of beige representing the planet finds its way through the entirety of the collection. We endeavoured to achieve a dawn to dusk effect wherein the yarns were dyed in batches in different concentrations to create a gradient.

Are you working on anything else?
At the Atelier, we are constantly exploring various crafts and developing design objects with a contemporary flair. Besides that, bringing the Atelier to an international platform through our launch at the Invisible Collection and Gallery Volt, we intend to make Indian crafts and design objects more accessible globally.

Text Hansika Lohani Mehtani
Date 21-06-2022