Blooming Bodies: Tattooing ‘Stick And Poke’

Stickity Tattoos (left) | Hocus Pokeus (right)

Blooming Bodies: Tattooing ‘Stick And Poke’

In the ever-evolving world of tattoo artistry, one niche that has gained significant attention in recent years is the world of stick and poke tattoos. Embracing a more traditional and meticulous approach, stick and poke tattoos are created by hand, utilising a needle and ink, without the aid of a tattoo machine. This method has given rise to a distinct and intimate form of self-expression, attracting a community of talented artists who bring their creativity to life on skin. We take a look at the profiles of four remarkable stick and poke tattoo artists, each contributing their unique style to this growing movement and being a testament to the power of personal narratives etched onto skin.

Yoshi aka Hocus Pokeus
Making a big impact on the stick and poke scene, Yoshi, aka Hocus Pokeus, as known on Instagram, has garnered a dedicated following with their enchanting and mystical designs. Their intricate line work and detailed dot work offer the art form a comforting story of ethereal mystery. From celestial motifs to nature-inspired designs and more, their portfolio reflects a deep connection to the external environment while instilling it with a vision of their own. With each piece, Hocus Pokeus brings a sense of magic to the art of stick and poke, demonstrating that this ancient method can be a canvas for contemporary and enchanting creations.

Blooming Bodies: Tattooing ‘Stick And Poke’ Hocus Pokeous

Hocus Pokeous

Stickity Tattoos
For Shivani, aka Stickity Tattoos, the allure of stick and poke tattoos lies in details and authenticity. This artist's portfolio is a testament to the power of self expression, showcasing clean lines and awe-inspiring designs that leave a lasting impression. With their delicate floral elements that make bodies bloom, Stickity Tats brings a modern and refined aesthetic to the world of hand-poked tattoos. What sets Stickity Tats apart is their ability to create a profound impact with seemingly uncomplicated designs, proving that beauty can be found in the subtleties of this ancient tattooing technique.

Blooming Bodies: Tattooing ‘Stick And Poke’ Stickity Tattoos

Stickity Tattoos

Paradise Tender
Shreya Josh, aka Paradise Tender, is a tattoo artist who infuses their work with a sense of wonder, drawing inspiration from classic and fun imagery. With a nod to young and edgy tattoo styles, Paradise Tender’s portfolio is a captivating mix of timeless designs and contemporary flair. Known for their use of bold lines and a vibrant colour palette, Paradise Tender's tattoos evoke a sense of playfulness while adding a modern twist. This artist’s specialty is to use machine linework, shaded in with the stick and poke technique. Their dedication to preserving the essence of traditional tattooing within the stick and poke medium creates a bridge between the past and present.

Blooming Bodies: Tattooing ‘Stick And Poke’ Paradise Tender

Paradise Tender

F2F Tattoos
Vishaka, aka F2F Tattoos, embraces the ethos of face-to-face interactions, a sentiment reflected not only in their chosen moniker but also in the personalised nature of their work. The tattoos crafted by F2F Tattoos often transcend traditional boundaries, featuring a blend of abstract geometries, intricate patterns, and symbolic elements. What distinguishes F2F Tattoos is their dedication to creating designs that resonate on a personal level with their clients. From delicate floral arrangements to minimal and abstract compositions, the artist’s versatility shines through, demonstrating a deep understanding of the intimate connection between the tattoo artist and the person receiving the art. Each piece seems to tell a story, capturing moments of self-discovery and individual expression.

Words Devyani Verma
Date 24.01.2024