Delicious Design Project

Delicious Design Project Glenmorangie X Shivan & Narresh

What happens when a legendary whisky brand meets a dynamic designer duo? A delicious design project that celebrates craftsmanship, innovation, and luxury. In this exclusive conversation, we chat with Smriti, the Marketing Director of Moet Hennessy India, and Shivan & Narresh, the creators of India’s first luxury resortwear brand, about their collaboration with Glenmorangie, the single malt whisky that has been making delicious whisky since 1843. They share their inspiration, vision, and challenges behind this project, and how they created a limited edition lifestyle piece that reflects the spirit of both brands. Read on to find out how they transformed a living room into a delicious and wonderful space, and how they curated a sensorial experience for the well-traveled Indian consumers.

Smriti, what was the inspiration and vision behind this innovative collaboration? How does it reflect Glenmorangie’s brand identity and values?
The Delicious Design Project, launched in 2022, and coming back with its second year draws inspiration from a shared commitment to curating luxury experiences for the well-traveled Indian consumers – the modern-day maharaja’s and their unique moments of consumption of Glenmorangie. In the second year of this program, our vision is to celebrate one such moment/occasion through a journey of craftsmanship.Glenmorangie has been making delicious whisky since 1843 and has been a pioneer in pushing the boundaries of what is possible in whisky making. One of the most famous innovations being, our towering copper stills which stand proud as the tallest stills in Scotland at 5.14 meters creating a more delicate spirit, ripe for experimentation.

With this partnership we celebrate craftmanship and innovation as a core spirit of both brands - Glenmorangie and Shivan and Narresh to create a sensorial experience and a limited luxury edition for our consumers. This collaboration is reflective of Glenmorangie as a brand - bold, vivacious and unpretentious, embracing innovation to offer an elevated experience that aligns seamlessly with our core values.

Our focus on elevated luxury aligns with the brand's commitment to offering more than just exceptional single malt whiskies. We envision ourselves as curators of moments and memories, providing at-home celebrations that amalgamate the opulence of modern-day maharajas and the understated elegance of art, culture and design.

What were the initial conversations you had with Shivan & Narresh about this project? In what ways did their style and vision complement Glenmorangie’s brand identity and values?
Our initial conversations with Shivan & Narresh were marked by a mutual understanding of the essence of luxury. Their style, characterized by boisterous prints, colours and modern aesthetics, complements Glenmorangie’s brand identity in a compelling way. Together, we envisioned a project that not only encapsulates the spirit of both collaborators but also resonates with our consumers, providing an immersive and sophisticated experience to all whisky enthusiasts alike.

During our initial conversations it became clear to us that both entities are committed to revolutionize moments of consumption by celebrating life in all its glory, injecting technicolor, fun, and bold innovation into at-home celebrations and thus making this collaboration a seamless fit. We discussed the vision of creating more than just a product, aiming for a holistic and immersive experience that transforms one’s living room, making it delicious and wonderful.

Smriti, as the Marketing Director of Moet Hennessy India, what is your vision and strategy for the luxury brand in the Indian market?
Whisky is one of the biggest categories of W&S in India and our ambition with Glenmorangie in India is very large. Glenmorangie has a unique voice and positioning in the single malt space – one which appeals to newer consumers of whisky and connoisseurs alike. Glenmorangie is a luxury single malt with each product having a unique story of creation and production.

Our vision is to build Glenmorangie as the most prestigious whisky for Indian consumers across the world. The strategy to achieve this is twofold – tell our stories of innovation and whisky production to consumers. Bring the core values of Glenmorangie brand to life through unique, never seen before experiences, reflecting a deep understanding of the Indian consumer and specially curated for Indians.

Delicious Design Project

Designer duo, Shivan & Narresh

How did Glenmorangie’s single malt whisky inspire your design of the three statement couches? What aspects of the whisky’s taste, aroma and colour did you reflect in your creations?

Visiting the world of Glenmorangie and working on this project has been a truly exceptional experience for us. Those who have been a part of our journey at Shivan & Narresh, very well know that we consider life to be one big holiday and are all about celebrating every moment - big or small. Extending this philosophy to our creations, we are proud to have curated these masterpieces, which shall serve as the centre of attention in any living room space and invite people to gather around for elevated and memorable nights that turn into mornings, creating cherished memories for a lifetime.
Capturing the essence of the luxurious whiskey as it ages barrel to bottle, from creation to consumption, these statement pieces are all for your indulgence and delight. The art print specially created for this collection - 'Swirlscape' – embodies the technicolor, vibrant persona of the brand while breaking the serious codes of brown spirits as a category. Each statement piece exudes an artistic elegance and whimsical experience to elevate your homes and living spaces by pushing boundaries of form, shape, and craftsmanship as an ode to the imagination and skill of Glenmorangie's whisky makers.
The 'OakSwirl' pays homage to the pioneering artistry of the maturation process in Oakwood barrel casks, elevating raw spirit into a masterpiece. Infused with earthy tones and rich textures, this couch invites connoisseurs to immerse themselves in the warmth and depth reminiscent of each sip. On the other hand, the futuristic ‘Infinity Swirl' commemorates the mesmerizing ritual of swirling whisky in a glass. Its dynamic form and fluid lines, encased within a metallic frame, visually represent the whirlpool effect that unfolds as liquid and ice gracefully dance together. This piece is a celebration of the captivating moments inherent in the world of whisky appreciation.
To enrich the ‘delicious living’ escapades, artistic merchandise with the signature ‘Swirlscape’ motif takes form as velvety cushions, silk throw rugs and statement canvas wall art pieces.

You’re entering into the lifestyle space with these couches. What kind of mood, ambiance and experience do you want to create for the audience? What was the inspiration and vision behind this innovative collaboration? How does it reflect Glenmorangie’s brand identity and values with your design?
Rooted in lively colors and artistic inspirations, our brand's ideology seamlessly aligns with Glenmorangie's vibrant universe. Together, we effortlessly create a cohesive culture, sharing a similar atmosphere, particularly in the realm of 'At Home Celebrations.' The infusion of art into holiday moments for our brand complements Glenmorangie's focus on deliciousness and wonder. The collaborative result is a delightful living project brought to life by SHIVAN & NARRESH.

How did you collaborate with Glenmorangie’s team during your visit to the distillery and house in Scotland? What did you learn from them about the brand’s history, legacy and sustainability practices?
Meeting Dr. Bill Lumsden, the head distiller, during our visit to Scotland was an absolute pleasure. His creative process, centered on curative and exciting endeavors, resonated with our own approach of thinking outside the ordinary. We found parallels in the art of whiskey scotch making, infusion of vibrancy, and love for at-home celebrations. Exploring the beautiful maison with its artisanal vibe, vibrant colors, and scattered artifacts, coupled with witnessing the scotch-making process, provided ample inspiration. The comprehensive tour, showcasing every facet of Glenmorangie's scotch making, became the catalyst for our meaningful association.

For fashion or for design, does your creative process change from one art to the other?
Certainly, our exploration extends to various artistic realms, from taking inspiration from artists & art movements to delving into floral, painterly artistries. At the moment we're currently immersed in the intricate artistry of scotch making, influencing our association with Glenmorangie. Art, for us, seamlessly integrates into our ready-towear lines through the painterly prints, while couture draws inspiration from diverse tangible forms like painting, gardening, sculpting, and floral art. Special projects like these involve immersing ourselves in the artistry of different universes, learning from them, and crafting something truly memorable.

Words Hansika Lohani
Date 2.12.2023