Multiverse Klove

Artistically handcrafted to re-imagine age-old symbols of social and sacred significance, the Totems Over Time collection by Klove features elegant structures that are brought to life with glass and metal, to create a series of installations that turn the clock back a century. Each piece within the collection takes references from tribal icons and motifs. Reminiscing the wilderness of nature, while adhering to the modern discipline of Art Deco, the collection features a harmonious balance between geometry and symmetry. Totems Over Times series is a celebration of how civilizations leave their mark across time for all mankind to experience.

Inspired by the exotic fruits, animals and foliage of the tropical paradises of the world, The Goa Collection is a tribute to the wonders and mysteries of the iconic 1970s era of Goa, once a place of salvation for hippies around the world – a destination for those seeking freedom and tranquility. Klove’s latest 2019 collection takes a step back to remember and recognize the wonderful relationship that we as humans share with each other and with nature, embracing the importance of nurturing our connections. Every detail, from the design and colours all the way to the materials chosen, comes together to create unique yet realistic designs inspired by palm trees, tropical foliage and fruits.

The Mid-Century Modern collection is inspired by the planned, uber modern and industrial city of Chandigarh and pioneer of modern architecture, Le Corbusier and urban designer Pierre Jeanneret. This inspiration allowed Prateek and Gautam to revisit some of the early minimal forms that first appeared in their work and bring them to the expertise they have developed over the years. This process gives birth to some of the most distinct characteristics of this collection, particularly the tension between structure and fluidity, which for example is expressed in juxtaposing free form glass against bold, straight lines.

Exhibition on at 1X1 Art Gallery, Dubai from 28th September to 10th November, 2023.

Words Platform Desk
Date 25.09.2023