The India Design Fund

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The India Design Fund

The India Design Fund (TIDF) brings together powerful voices from within the industry, committed to support, advocate and collaborate for the transformation of lives and livelihood in design. The Fund recognises that not only must we support the disenfranchised among us in times of critical need, we must also be advocates for better, safer lives, entrepreneurial growth, and environmentally sound practices. It aims to launch multiple initiatives to address the immediate needs, bringing the design, construction, and craft industry together to support construction workers, migrant labourers, and artisan groups, whose livelihoods, communities, and craft traditions are at risk. 

The Fund shall present its first sale bringing together A cross section of leading Design Minds and Practices from India through a collaborative online sale in association with Story Ltd by Saffronart, titled, OTLO — curated by Ashiesh Shah. The proceeds from the weeklong sale, held from 1 4 May to 20 May, will be directed towards charities working on ground with the communities who have been severely impacted by COVID-19 pandemic. 

The India Design Fund Samira Rathod Design Atelier

Samira Rathod Design Atelier

From the works of Dashrath Patel to Gunjan Gupta’s Ikkis and Design Objects from Shah’s Atelier, the collection on sale emits forth hope and solidarity through these times of crisis. Every collaborator has submitted one or more artworks that have been shortlisted by the founding members and panelist’s of The India Design Fund- Shimul Javeri Kadri (Founder, SJK Architects), Vinita Chaitanya (Interior Designer, Vinita Chaitanya Designs), Tarini Jindal Handa (Managing Director of JSW Realty), Pavitra Rajaram (Creative Director at Pavitra Rajaram Design), Iram Sultan (Founder and Architect of Iram Sultan Design Studio), Pareina Thapar (Co-Founder, Longform India) and Ashiesh Shah (Architect and Founder, Ashiesh Shah Design Studio). 

A union of designers from all over the country have contributed, collaborated and constituted a vital aspect of this initiative. The India Design Fund, furthermore, hopes to tackle challenges within the design community, one step at a time and continue to stand as a strong voice for sustainability, improvement of life and safety standards, promoting indigenous craft practices and design in a post-Covid world. 

The India Design Fund DIA


To maximise the impact, TIDF shall align with a multitude of NGOs working on undertaking humanitarian aid and disaster relief for migrant and construction workers and craft communities, focussed on securing artisanal livelihoods from craft production. Proceeds from the sale will go to NGO of United Way Mumbai – Fight Against Covid 19, along with patron donations, also allocated towards those organisations mobilising relief to craft communities such as Dastkar Artisan Fund, amongst others.

The India Design Fund Ikkis; Gunjan Gupta

Ikkis; Gunjan Gupta