Body Language: The Punctuation Edit

Body Language: The Punctuation Edit Abraham & Thakore

David Abraham and Rakesh Thakore, the creative minds behind the renowned Abraham & Thakore label, affectionately hailed as the 'Masters of Minimalism,' have consistently ventured into innovative paths within Indian fashion. Their latest endeavor focuses on delving into the realm of fashion communication, employing various textile mediums and symbols to convey their artistic vision.

Their latest Spring Summer ‘24 Collection, Body Language: The Punctuation Edit, is sharp, wearable, and in conversation with the larger theme of language that the brand has continually explored. This edit also plays with the idea of the elemental - in language and clothing - in myriad ways: whether through alphabets, the form of a flower, explorations on a stripe, or a classic silhouette. This is a springboard to explore larger ideas such as the connections between humans and nature, and the multiple forms we use to communicate with each other in an increasingly digitized world.

Body Language: The Punctuation Edit

The definitive characteristic of the off-runway collection is the natural color palette that gives life to the creations. Shades such as mocha, peanut, dusty pinks, indigos and redwood - the color of a natural bark – are abundant.

According to designer David Abraham, “The patterns are inspired by interpretations on visual frames, or how space is organized.  The emphasis is directed towards stripes, color blocks, and checks, portraying them as essential element to the punctuation and structural framework employed by language to enhance legibility and coherence.”

Body Language: The Punctuation Edit

Designer, Rakesh Thakore added, “This collection commemorates the enduring art of expressing oneself through fashion. We aspire for it to initiate an essential dialogue and surpass the constraints of language.” Like any other Abraham & Thakore collection, there are diverse textiles and crafts at play here. Chettinad Checks, Maheshwari borders, Gingham weaves, and delicate embroideries – that mix the machine and the hand – all make an appearance, while ikat is once again, articulated in a unique way.

Uniquely, this edit also presents the building blocks of a wardrobe, or that is, the literal basics of clothing. The brand introduces t-shirts, dresses, pants, and other garments that invite people to lay a strong foundation before they delve deep into the endless possibilities of versatile layering. The Spring-Summer 2024 edit of the "Body Language" collection by the veteran designers, not only captivates the industry with its stunning aspect but is poised to ignite discussions among trendsetters. This exciting collection is available at all Abraham & Thakore at Dhan Mill, Phoenix Palladium Mumbai, Jio World Drive, and online.

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Date 22.02.2024