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Là Fuori

The founders, Vidur Adlakha and Riccardo Bennidini, have always believed in designs that are rooted in integrity and honesty; designs that are timeless. With these qualifiers in mind, Là Fuori has brought together a complementary bouquet of art that synthesises comfort, luxury, craftsmanship, sustainability and design. The brand is actively present in the US, Italy and India. In August 2019 Riccardo was fortunate enough to meet Vidur, a New York designer who involved him in an experiential journey, asking him to tell, through photos and poetry, the stories of the fabrics that they would encounter along their path.

The same year, the two creatives decided to create this brand in New York, with the intention of transforming the fabric into a real lifestyle, and make garments that praise travel, sustainability, fabrics and fashion. Today, Là Fuori is a lifestyle brand that, with the magic of its garments, tells the extraordinary stories of the artisan communities around the world. Their intent is to open the doors of the mind to unknown and distant countries and cultures, which manufacture precious fabrics according to the most ancient manufacturing tradition. We’re in conversation with Vidur Adlakha who tells us more about the label.

How did Là Fuori come about and what is it that the label stands for?
We believe that ‘Magnificence is Handcrafted’. Working towards our goals on sustainability and love for the environment, we envision ourselves working hands on with organic fabrics, dyes and elements to make this world a better place. Crafting our own long journey in the sustainable lifestyle space, we believe in the beauty of slow living; the importance of naturally sourced produce over synthetically manufactured. We respect the divide between modern automation and irrefutable subtleties of hand-made precision. We aspire to stay true to our core eco-friendly values, whilst focusing on the customer and the artisan in equal sense. 

Fundamental to this lifestyle brand is the choice of materials as well as the use of entirely sustainable products and resources. The fabrics are made from organic fibres and are always combined with ecological prints and colours. Furthermore, no polyester and non-biodegradable products are used. The packaging is also sustainable and reusable in order to reduce water and environmental pollution. Là Fuori, with its strong brigade of women employees, is marching steadily towards its endeavour to empower as many underprivileged women and artisans. We bring you closer to the artisan’s community across the world. 30% of all our collections are hand embellished ensembles curated by the women of various regions and tribes, carefully tailored into perfection. We’ve been resolute to ensure the artisans get the recognition and appreciation they rightly deserve. 10% of each purchase at Là Fuori is directed towards these women artisans and their livelihood.

Là Fuori

What informs/inspires your practice at the label?
The goal is to give a face and an emotion to the garments we make, through storytelling that makes the craftsman the real protagonist of all our collections. The name Là Fuori derives from the fact that we observe the world with an interrogative spirit, capable of reinterpreting not only the vision of our origins, but also the perception of our forms, our identity and our role in the world. We want to spread, with our clothing, a seed of inspiration and to remind our mind to always be ‘on the road’, where beauty is cultivated daily. You just need to go out, look for that authentic charm, want to ask, curiosity to understand, with the wonder of finding.

Là Fuori creates four collections each year inspired by four different textile cultures. For each trip we like to think that there is a fabric map that guides us in a new direction. Many of our stops come from the deep culture of textile traditions of the various countries. Once a rough itinerary has been outlined, we leave, letting the journey itself inspire us, day after day. What is really important for us is to keep this path, through the different cultures, authentic and real.

Take us through your creative process for this new collection Stories of Sapa.
The new collection Stories of Sapa, explores innovative textures of Vietnamese inflorescence, blending the art of hand-weaving organic silk with a palette of vibrant colours, inspired by the heights of the Sapa plateau. Stories of Sapa took us to the Sapa plateau, in Vietnam, with the women of the Hmong community. It allowed us to reconcile two very different realities. In fact, we immersed ourselves in the unspoiled nature of northern Vietnam, after having been overwhelmed, a few months earlier, by the desert villages of the town of Barmer, in India. Our primary intent is always to connect our travels and the people we meet along the way — in this case, women of the desert who converse with women of the mountains.

Stunning inflorescence of squash, daylilies, white 'so dua' flowers, lotus stems and yellow velvetleaf buds became the core of inspiration. The collection is filled with modern and eclectic silhouettes in a vivid colour palette. The uniqueness of the designs comes from the continuous apprehension of traditional craftsmanship by the women artisans of Vietnam translated into modern contemporary ensembles. 

Là Fuori

Finally, how has it been during the pandemic and what’s coming up next?
As we launched our first collection Road to Barmer during the onset of the pandemic, we have been resolute to safeguard our artisan’s livelihood and craft. For the future, we look forward to launching our first home/interior product line, along with womenswear and accessories. We look forward to becoming a global contemporary sustainable luxury brand, and collaborate with more artisan led communities around the globe. Our flagship store in Italy is under process and we’re looking forward to tie ups with multi brand organisations in the USA by Fall 21’. 


Date 09-02-2021

Là Fuori Riccardo and Vidur

Riccardo and Vidur