Perona New Age Minimalism

The world is collectively coming to the realisation that it is finally time we slow down and get rid of all the excess. It is the time to declutter: our lives, our minds and even our wardrobes. In a world that treats more, more and more as the norm, label Perona comes as a breath of fresh air, sparking that Marie Kondo-esque joy. Brainchild of Puneet and Shruti Mangla, the label promotes updated classics, suitable for its 21st century wearers. Their aesthetic pays grave attention to detail yet doesn't believe in being flashy, they rather believe in the individual coming through than the logo mania. Founder Shruti Mangla shares with us what the label stands for and what the pandemic means for us and the label. 

The Label
After being in private label manufacturing for more than 25 years, we felt that only our own brand could provide a complete platform for expression of our values. Values that encompass from product quality, design, sustainability, and social responsibility. Perona is the embodiment of our true values, and the genesis helps us evolve, as we evolve the brand. It’s like giving birth to a child. The child initially embodies your values, but then in the journey of parenting the child enables the evolution of the parents. The designs are inspired by modern minimalism, that share common aesthetics with Japanese Zen philosophy. The products embody reflections of this philosophy, as seen in the kaleidoscope of nature, architecture and art. We celebrate 'purity of form' as the essence in our designs, which is often described as the aesthetics of subtraction.


The Values
We view sustainability in a truly holistic manner. The effect we have on society and the effect we have on the environment. Perona’s manufacturing facilities are SA8000 and SMETA compliant, which ensure the highest level of ethical treatment of all its workers. All leather for Perona leather bags and accessories, are sourced from LWG certified, Gold rated tanneries, which is the highest ethical and environmental standard in the industry for leather tanneries. All our products are manufactured in their own manufacturing facilities. Such compliances and initiatives keep Perona positioned to create a positive impact on the society. We also have a very powerful CSR initiative for empowerment of workers and their families. Our social initiative, Samarth works towards providing access to better education and job opportunities for the workers' children. Product embodies design, material, make and craft, functionality, and comfort for becoming an everlasting companion to everyday discoveries. Our designs are not only rooted in modern minimalism and are timeless classics, but are also relevant to the current times, and resonate to the needs of the society.


The Pandemic and Beyond
We believe that for nature and humans, the normal is always the same deep inside, irrespective of the situations and circumstances. As the society evolves and progresses with its dynamism, imbalances are created. An adversity such as the current pandemic, simply forces us to become aware of the real normal, and get rid of the imbalances. Human beings are the only species with an intellect. Such adversities amplify our intellect, to be more mindful in our thoughts and actions. For the intellect to be satisfied, humans need real value, true quality, and perfection in every dimension. If any brand strives to truly deliver that, then it remains relevant.

Text Unnati Saini

Perona Shruti & Puneet Mangla

Shruti & Puneet Mangla