“Letting go is even more important than adding.” — Marie Kondo.

Born out of the need to reduce the environmental impact of fashion, Saritoria is the first global platform to buy and sell pre-loved South Asian luxury fashion. The online e-store offers the conscious consumer an incredible opportunity to buy smarter, sell more and wear more of all the biggest South Asian designers. Co-founded by Shehlina Soomro, Omar Soomro and Pernia Qureshi, Saritoria aims to start the pre-love revolution in South Asian luxury couture. It redefines the concept of ‘new clothes’ and empowers South Asian people across the world to join the global circular economy. A perfect amalgamation of fashion, technology and sustainability, Saritoria is based on a pre-love(d) model to appreciate and celebrate the rich cultural heritage, beautiful craftsmanship and impeccable fit of South Asian luxury couture, that deserve a second life. It promotes sustainability by providing longevity to couture pieces.

The profound events of last year have awakened the global fashion consumer to become increasingly more conscious of their buying choices. The modern mind-set of the conscious consumer is seeking sustainable fashion options to change the narrative for the better. People are becoming more value-minded and more longevity-minded about products. They have opened their hearts and minds to include pre-loved beautifully handcrafted garments which may have otherwise remain unused or been discarded. The Covid situation in some way intensifies the pillars that Saritoria is built around: e-commerce, community, and sustainability.

Talking more about the venture, Pernia Qureshi, Co-founder and Creative Director adds, “In this new world, South Asian fashion must also evolve to help minimize the impact on the environment. Saritoria is an idea born from a dream to redefine luxury couture with pre-loved pieces that tell a story. It provides younger and eager consumers easy access to beautiful and authentic garments from all the biggest South Asian designers at an amazing value otherwise inaccessible to them. In parallel, it also helps build a streamlined wardrobe for many, empowering them to make smart and conscious decisions and be a part of the global circular economy. We want Saritoria to be a win-win for everyone and revolutionize South Asian fashion.”

Saritoria promotes sustainability at its forefront, lending a second life to some of the most intricately designed garments. It encourages soulful de-cluttering of the closet and helps pass on the benefit and beauty of an outfit while also enabling buyers to own unique, limited edition pieces. Pre-loved fashion buying is great for the environment, it cuts Co2 emissions, reduces water waste and decreases micro-plastics in our oceans. Everyone wins with pre love.

Images Saritoria/ Facebook
Date 26-07-2021