The Embracer

The Embracer Dhruv Kapoor

Fall’ 23 juxtaposes polar mindsets, bringing them in perfect sync through unusual pairings. A vibrant mix of colours and patterns that seamlessly fuse tradition and technology, birthing a new aesthetic for a modern society. This collection explores multiple facets of our myriad selves—from asymmetric tailoring to slouchy sweatpants and giant tracksuits to distressed denim. A play on proportions and a wide array of textiles, that are part recycled and part upcycled, remain constant. Still-life patterns exude a tranquil state of mind, while soft aggression is channelled through vivid brushstrokes. Handcrafted embroideries by Indian artisans, including a flaming heart, large foliage and multi-dimensional heads, come with a fascinating interplay of materials and techniques. The Embracer is a plurality of self, projecting man in multiple configurations: to heal you, empower you, restore you and open new worlds within and around you. It all begins with you. 

Initial Thoughts
You can be soft and fierce; vulnerable and strong. You can be an amalgamation of the traditional and contemporary; a romantic and realist. Your obedience can be met with rebellion and your femininity with fire. We live in a universe of different perceptions where paradoxes can be full of possibilities.

The Mood
The Embracer reminds us to nurture our individuality and inner self with unconditional love. It shines the spotlight on our positive traits and leaves behind negative connotations that come with our alter-egos. It gives birth to a new alternate self—one that’s capable of advanced habits, skills, processes and abilities. It projects alchemy to be the result of changing frequencies, thoughts and perceptions, thereby altering the harmonics of matter and applying love to create a desired outcome.

Date 31-01-2023

The Embracer